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Navigating Disasters

When natural disasters strike, insurance Commissioners are there to help. Explore our support services to help regulators and consumers manage catastrophic events.

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The Power of Community

For over 150 years, NAIC members have united across political and geographic lines to protect consumers and stabilize markets. In a world full of challenges and division, our commitment to supporting one another fuels our progress, growth, and effectiveness.

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Supporting Regulators and Insurance Standards in America since 1871

We assist state insurance regulators, individually and collectively, in serving the public interest. Together, we protect consumers and ensure fair, competitive, and healthy insurance markets.

Trusted Advice

By setting standards and best practices, conducting peer reviews, providing regulatory support functions, and coordinating regulatory oversight, we help support compliant and informed decisions.

Reliable Expertise

By providing business intelligence, analytics, and reports for regulatory oversight functions, our efforts help make the U.S. one of the strongest and most resilient insurance markets in the world.

Consumer Protection

Through an agile, state-based system, we provide unique, dedicated, and unparalleled support for regulators and consumers from the 50 states, the District of Columbia and five U.S. territories.


August 12-15, 2024

Summer National Meeting

Registration is now open!

September 16-19, 2024

Insurance Summit

A premier insurance conference that combines the best resources of the NAIC and NIPR and connects innovators and regulators to explore the newest ideas, the latest technology, and the future of regulatory practices

November 16 - 20, 2024

Fall National Meeting

More information coming soon!

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Explore our Resource Center

Learn about current trends, research, and legislative updates.

Center for Insurance Policy and Research

Browse research and education to drive discussion and action on current and emerging issues among insurance commissioners, policymakers, and academics.

Government Affairs

Examine how NAIC works with state, federal, and foreign government officials to help develop, coordinate, and implement domestic and international policy and outreach initiatives.

Capital Markets Bureau

Discover developments and trends in the financial markets with respect to the insurance industry through reports, research, training, and analysis support.


Find exclusive, industry-focused procedural manuals, market share data, consumer information, and tools and resources.

Model Laws

Get quick access to every NAIC model law, regulation, and guideline currently published, including each state's enacted model or similar legislation.

Healthcare Reform

Get answers to frequently asked questions regarding health care law and the vital role of state insurance departments in protecting insurance consumers.


Read up on the latest news regarding NAIC’s organizational updates, publications, events, and general information.

Education & Training

Get professional development for state insurance regulators and industry professionals.