15 Years of Fellow(ship)
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Past group of International Fellows

The NAIC International Fellows Program is celebrating its 15th year in 2019. The NAIC's investment in the fellows' program enhances our bilateral relationships around the world. Many NAIC fellows go on to assume senior leadership roles within their departments. Their understanding of the U.S. regulatory framework is especially important in the joint regulation of international insurance groups.

Including the spring class – which convenes next week – the NAIC will have hosted more than 300 international insurance regulators from 36 countries.

On April 15, 11 fellows from eight jurisdictions will meet in Kansas City: countries represented include Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Morocco, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and CIMA, a West African insurance oversight body. At the NAIC's Central Office they will engage in a week of training. There they will be exposed to the ins-and-outs of the U.S. system of state-based insurance regulation and the regulatory support the NAIC provides.

After this overview, the fellows will be hosted by DC, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. In these offices they will see first-hand how states approach financial regulation, market conduct, licensing, and many other aspects of insurance regulation.

Fellows wrap up their time in the U.S. at the NAIC’s Capital Markets and Investment Analysis Office in New York City. There they will learn about the Securities Valuation Office and how the NAIC keeps state regulators informed regarding investment risks and trends in the market. While in New York, they will meet with industry and consumer representatives and discuss some of their priorities and exchange views.


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