NAIC CEO Welcomes you to Summer National Meeting
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NAIC CEO Michael F. ConsedineWelcome to NYC and to quote the Broadway musical, Hamilton, “the room where it happens” – or in this case the convention center where it happens.  New York City, one of the world’s preeminent financial centers got it start because of Alexander Hamilton and a compromise he made with Thomas Jefferson (which is why our nation’s capitol is built in a swamp).  One of the things that makes Hamilton the musical so great is how it demonstrates that despite great political turmoil, it is possible to forge new and innovative ideas, to overcome inertia and build something that withstands the test of time.

Hamilton was acutely aware that he had been granted a window of opportunity to make a difference in his very dynamic world – to take his “shot”. Of course it takes a great deal of work. Like Hamilton, NAIC leadership has been working “non-stop” to implement our ambitious strategic plan and policy priorities.  While some would caution restraint, to “wait for it”, we’re getting the job done.   

You’ll see the progress we’re making on critical priorities like long-term care, big data/AI, healthcare, climate, just to name a few.  “That would be enough” for many, but not us.  We’re also halfway through our strategic plan which gives us a great time to celebrate our progress. We have completed 32 out of 94 of our State Ahead projects and have laid the foundation for many more.  We’re building the NAIC of the future now and it’s going to “blow us all away.”

We hope you’ll be more than just “satisfied” with this meeting and amazing city.  However, if you need to “take a break” from the “hurricane” that is a NAIC national meeting, check out Hamilton’s home in Harlem– it really is “quiet uptown.”  If you missed any of these references, I hope you'll get a chance to see the show here on Broadway, or at the least take some time to listen to the soundtrack between meetings.

Thank you for joining us at this meeting – this truly is the greatest city in the world – and we’ll see you next in Austin in December for “what comes next.”

Mike Consedine

Your Obedient Servant

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