Regulators Insurance Forum 2018

Insurance ForumIn the context of Argentina’s G20 Presidency, the Superintendence of Insurance of Argentina hosted a three-day Insurance Forum, from September 24 - 26, 2018, in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche. The Regulators Insurance Forum on the first day, provided insurance regulators from several jurisdictions, G20 members, and international organizations the opportunity to discuss the crucial role (re)insurance plays in world economies and the evolving risks, challenges and opportunities it offers globally.

NAIC’s leadership participated in multiple panel discussions and discussed how fair, safe and stable insurance markets can contribute to achieving the objectives of the G20, including resilience and sustainable economic growth. Following the conclusion of the day-long Regulators Insurance Forum, the remaining two days welcomed the industry stakeholders to participate in these discussions alongside regulators. 

Commissioner McPeak participated in a panel discussion with both insurance industry stakeholders and regulators on “Insurance 2.0: Facing a Digital Disruption – responding to the digitalization of the economy.” The panel focused on the potential for new technologies and innovation to enable greater insurance coverage and improve the processes of insurance underwriting and claims management.

Superintendent Cioppa moderated the “Globalizing Business: the role of a global reinsurance market” panel, which discussed the important role that international reinsurance markets provide.

Commissioner Ito participated in the “Building Resilient Economies” panel and discussed the critical role that the insurance sector plays in supporting the resilience and stability of the real economy.

Commissioner Wade participated in the regulator only panel on “Insurance 2.0: Facing a Digital Disruption – responding to the digitalization of the economy.”

NAIC CEO Mike Consedine participated in the regulator only panel “Promoting Long-Term and Sustainable Investment in Infrastructure: linking insurer investment to economic growth” and discussed how insurers could contribute to long term investments in infrastructure and the importance of sound regulatory frameworks applicable to long term investment in infrastructure by insurers.

At the conclusion of the forum, the Superintendence of Insurance of Argentina issued a summary of the regulator only proceedings and a short statement which will be transmitted to the G20 Finance Ministers for their consideration.

Insurance Forum


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