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NAIC Symposium on Supervision of Internationally Active Insurance Groups: July 15th-16th, 2010
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On July 15-16, 2010, the NAIC sponsored a symposium on supervision of internationally active insurance groups (IAIGs), which was held in Atlanta, Georgia. The symposium had 46 attendees consisting of U.S. insurance regulators, industry representatives from internationally active insurance groups, three participants representing the jurisdictions of Canada, Bermuda, and Switzerland, and NAIC staff. The symposium was designed to promote the free exchange of thoughts and ideas on how internationally active insurance groups manage group-wide risk, how regulators currently regulate internationally active insurance groups, and what best practices could be identified based on the exchange of thoughts and ideas between panel members and audience participants. Two panels were established as part of the symposium: an industry panel consisting of four representatives (four different internationally active insurance groups) and a regulator panel consisting of two U.S. regulators and two regulators representing Canada and Bermuda. Each panel was presented with a set of prepared questions that was followed by questions from audience participants. After the panel discussions, four breakout groups were assembled that focused on specific themes regarding supervision of internationally active insurance groups. 

Symposium Summary

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