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The Liquidity Assessment (EX) Subgroup will:

  1. Review existing public and regulator-only data related to liquidity risk, identify any gaps based on regulatory needs and propose the universe of companies to which any recommendations may apply.
  2. Refine and implement a liquidity stress testing framework proposal for consideration by the Financial Condition (E) Committee, including the proposed universe of companies to which the framework will apply (e.g., large life insurers).
  3. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic impacts, develop and administer data collection tools, leveraging existing data where feasible, to provide the Task Force with meaningful macroprudential information regarding how the insurance sector is navigating market conditions.


Liquidity Assessment (EX) Subgroup - 191126

Conference Call
Tuesday, November 26, 2019
10:00 AM ET, 9:00 AM CT, 8:00 AM MT, 7:00 AM PT
Expected Length of Call: 1 hr

The purpose of this call is to give a more detailed background and walk-through of the proposal that will be exposed for comment at FSTF Fall National Meeting.

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Todd Sells
Director, Financial Regulatory Policy & Data
Phone: 816.783.8403

Tim Nauheimer
Sr. Financial Markets Advisor – Macroprudential Surveillance
Phone: 212.386.1941

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