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Long-Term Care Insurance Multistate Rate Review (EX) Subgroup

2022 Membership

2022 Adopted Charges

The Long-Term Care Insurance Multistate Rate Review (EX) Subgroup will:

  1. Finalize the development of the multistate actuarial (MSA) rate review process as outlined in the MSA Framework document which outlines a consistent national approach for reviewing LTCI rates that results in actuarially appropriate increases being granted by the states in a timely manner and eliminates cross-state rate subsidization. Implement the MSA rate review process once adopted by the NAIC Executive (EX) Committee and Plenary.
  2. Evaluate the progress of the MSA rate review process and provide ongoing maintenance and enhancements, as deemed necessary.
  3. The Subgroup should complete its charges by the 2022 Fall National Meeting.

There are no call materials at this time.

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