Insurance Summit 2020

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Make your mark. Join regulators, professionals and InsurTech entrepreneurs to examine the fast-moving innovations changing tomorrow’s marketplace.


Johnson Lambert - Insurance Summit 2020

Johnson Lambert's Regulatory Services practice is dedicated to meeting the needs of insurance regulators. We perform highly efficient, risk-focused examinations with a cost structure that is appropriate to the complexity and size of the examined company. The Regulatory Services team includes experienced certified financial examiners qualified to serve as examiner-in-charge for examinations of all types of insurers. We specialize in multi-state coordinated group examinations, serving in both lead and participating state roles. Our team also includes former regulators from state departments of insurance. The unique regulatory perspective of these former regulators sets our firm apart.

Examination Resources - Insurance Summit 2020

Since 2002, our professional team, consisting of many former regulators, understands the mounting responsibilities faced during this time of heightened regulatory oversight and incredible budgetary constraints. We appreciate the vital role insurance regulation plays in preservation of the economy and the protection of insurance consumers. Our team of accomplished professionals utilizes the most up-to-date technology and best practices to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions to insurance regulation. From financial solvency to market regulation and everything in between, let’s discuss how we can work together to meet your goals. Visit our website at for our complete list of services.
Examination Resources

True Hire - Insurance Summit 2020

True Hire is an approved provider of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ biographical affidavit verifications. With more than 25 years of experience, we are able to make the process efficient, affordable and streamlined. As an industry leader, we set the standard for providing high-quality background checks, drug testing, exit interviews and other HR services, empowering companies with the answers and tools that are needed to run a safer, more efficient workplace. True Hire has performed thousands of third-party verifications. We are approved to perform and have done verifications for every required state’s Department of Insurance. With a flat fee and a simple process, our NAIC biographical affidavit program is unprecedented. We have the knowledge to get your verification done right the first time.
True Hire

Platinum Exhibitors

Systeme Software - Insurance Summit 2020

Systeme Software provides web-based services for insurance agencies, insurance companies, carriers, call centers, brokers, license department outsourcers and more. Our CratchitLTX product assists in making on-boarding of agents easier and provides the tools required to stay compliant. We pride ourselves on our user-friendly software, ability to provide cost-effective solutions and dedication to client satisfaction. Since 1983, our software has helped insurance professionals at all levels keep their data under control, allowing them to manage the day-to-day issues that come up in the insurance business. Our easy, user-friendly software is intuitive and works without any special requirements. It's entirely web-based, so you never have to download, install or update a thing.
Systeme Software

Gold Exhibitors

AAIS - Insurance Summit 2020

Established in 1936, AAIS serves the property/casualty insurance industry as the only national nonprofit advisory organization governed by its Member insurance carriers. AAIS delivers tailored advisory solutions including best-in-class policy forms, rating information and data management capabilities for commercial lines, inland marine, farm & agriculture, and personal lines insurers. Its consultative approach, unrivaled customer service and modern technical capabilities underscore a focused commitment to the success of its members. AAIS also serves as the administrator of openIDL, the insurance industry’s regulatory blockchain, providing unbiased governance within existing insurance regulatory frameworks. For more information about AAIS, please visit

CyberCube - Insurance Summit 2020

CyberCube is an SaaS technology company, dedicated to delivering the world's leading cyber-risk analytics to the insurance industry. We provide the data and analytics platform for the profitable and sustainable growth of the cyber insurance market. We give insurers the ability to take insight-driven risk decisions, see trends before they become claims, and tackle complex and important challenges. The combined power of our unique data, multi-disciplinary analytics and cloud-based technology helps with insurance placement, underwriting selection and portfolio management optimization. Our deep bench of experts from data science, security, threat intelligence, actuarial science, software engineering and insurance helps the global insurance industry by selecting the best sources of data and curating it into data sets to identify trustworthy early indicators of risks and build a forward-looking view of them.

UMB Institutional Custody - Insurance Summit 2020

As one of the nation’s leading custodians, UMB Institutional Custody provides an array of solutions for insurance companies while integrating custody with other back-office services offered by UMB to achieve greater efficiency and seamless coordination. Our technology platforms enhance our processing capabilities and allow our experienced administrators to provide high-quality, proactive client servicing for trade settlement, corporate actions, other securities and cash/currency movement in your portfolios. Visit us at
UMB Institutional Custody

Wolters Kluwer - Insurance Summit 2020

As part of the Tax and Accounting Division of Wolters Kluwer, TeamMate helps professionals in all industries at organizations around the world manage audit and compliance risks and business issues by providing targeted, configurable and efficient software solutions. Solutions include TeamMate+ Audit, TeamMate+ Audit Public Sector, TeamMate+ Controls and TeamMate Analytics. Together, this ecosystem of solutions provides organizations with the combined assurance they need to manage all aspects of risk identification and assessment, electronic working paper creation and management, controls framework management, and data analysis.
Wolters Kluwer

The Bancorp - Insurance Summit 2020

The Bancorp is an FDIC member institution that offers a variety of banking and lending services to meet the unique needs of non-bank financial services companies. For the past 20 years, The Bancorp lines of business, which include Institutional Banking, Payments, Real Estate Capital Markets and Commercial Lending, have developed financial solutions powered by technology innovation. The Bancorp Institutional Banking business provides financial professionals with a greater range of wealth management tools to attract and retain client assets. Our strategic lending products include the Insurance-Backed Line of Credit (IBLOC), which enables financial professionals and their clients to build flexibility into their wealth management strategy. An IBLOC can offer timely liquidity based on the value of the client’s whole life insurance policy. With competitive interest rates and flexible terms, The Bancorp IBLOC is a cost-efficient alternative to meet cash needs without the need to sell off assets and disrupt investment strategies.
The Bancorp

NAIC Disaster Response Program - Insurance Summit 2020

State regulators have recently updated the State Disaster Response Plan in order to create a template that departments of insurance (DOIs) can use when assisting consumers before, during and after disasters. The document details how a DOI can work with other agencies to assist consumers, including federal agencies, state and local agencies, the NAIC and other state DOIs.  In addition, the NAIC is creating a disaster program, which will provide a one-stop shop for regulators that will include sample bulletins, publications to help state DOIs educate consumers about catastrophic events, and various other interactive tools and podcasts for regulators. The NAIC envisions a website where state regulators can access information and tools prior to a disaster to be better able to help protect citizens. Though this project is in its infancy, we hope that by sharing these materials during the Insurance Summit, regulators will begin contributing to the project to improve its effectiveness.
NAIC Disaster Response Program

Silver Exhibitors

INS Companies - Insurance Summit 2020

The INS Companies, a group of regulatory consulting firms, consists of approximately 150 regulatory professionals dedicated to assisting regulators exclusively since 1987. The INS Companies provide assistance and consultation to regulators in virtually all areas of regulation. We have earned a national reputation for excellence in both client responsiveness and work product. The INS Companies are well-known, well established and well respected within the regulatory and industry communities. The firm is also an active participant in the NAIC, SOFE and IRES. The INS Companies, immersed in tradition and excellence, team with regulators for long-term client success.
The INS Companies

Noble Consulting Services - Insurance Summit 2020

Noble Consulting Services Inc. has been providing regulatory services to state insurance departments for more than 20 years, since 1997. We provide a full range of insurance regulatory services. Our services include extensive experience with risk-focused financial examinations, analysis, market conduct examinations, regulatory rehabilitation/liquidation services, reinsurance services, information system and cybersecurity reviews, and investment review and analysis. Our firm grew largely because of the quality of our personnel, our focus on service and strong ethics. We have a profound understanding of the insurance industry. We leverage decades of services and have a deep commitment to respond to regulatory needs. We have the ability to tailor all of our services to meet the unique needs of each regulator.
Noble Consulting Services

NAIC Insurance Regulator Professional Designation Program - Insurance Summit 2020

The Designation Program is an exclusive professional development training program created by U.S. insurance regulators for U.S. insurance regulators. Participants in the Program, from entry level to senior management, complete studies in structured paths of learning in pursuit of four distinct designations: 1) Associate Professional in Insurance Regulation (APIR), which signifies mastery of foundation-level concepts in the areas of financial regulation, market conduct regulation and product regulation; 2) Professional in Insurance Regulation (PIR), which signifies mastery of concepts within a specialized regulatory field or discipline of his or her choosing, within the parameters of the Designation Program curriculum; 3) Senior Professional in Insurance Regulation (SPIR), which signifies mastery of concepts in regulatory leadership and the completion of experiential study assignments; and 4) Investment Professional in Insurance Regulation (IPIR), which signifies mastery of concepts associated with investments and investment analysis.
NAIC Insurance Regulator Professional Designation Program

NAIC Technical Education - Insurance Summit 2020

The Technical Training Team of the Education and Training Department offers specialized computer training for regulators and industry professionals. Training is available on-site at your location, online or in our computer training center in Kansas City. Regulator training is available in the areas such as: the System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing (SERFF); ACL; TeamMate; and iSite+. The team also offers live online training for industry professionals industry filers on the SERFF application.
NAIC Technical Education

National Insurance Producer Registry - Insurance Summit 2020

The National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) is a not‐for‐profit technology company that provides cost‐effective, streamlined and uniform licensing data and compliance services for insurance professionals. Together with the NAIC and the insurance industry, NIPR protects and serves insurance consumers. Products include the Producer Database (PDB); Non-Resident and Resident Licenses (initial and renewal); Non-Resident Adjuster Licensing that accommodates Designated Home States; Attachments Warehouse, a tool that receives, stores and shares, with regulators, licensing-related documents that are submitted by producers/authorized submitters; Contact Change Request (CCR); and Interactive Appointments & Terminations (IAT), which allows carriers to submit directly to the NIPR Gateway.
National Insurance Producer Registry

State Based Systems - Insurance Summit 2020

State Based Systems (SBS) is an electronic system built by the NAIC, and designed and enhanced in partnership with regulators, that automates state-based insurance regulation operations. Since 2003, we continuously look for ways to make regulator interactions with each other, industry partners and insurance consumers fast and effective. SBS provides a comprehensive range of features to meet the needs of the full regulatory cycle, including producer and company licensing, education tracking, consumer complaint management, enforcement fraud, exam tracking and revenue management. More than 2,000 insurance regulators use SBS every day to manage 1 million producers; 10,000 education providers; and more than 9,000 companies. With a niche expertise and a commitment to adapting to industry standards, we are proud to support and earn the trust of 32 NAIC members. As more jurisdictions choose SBS, regulators, producers and consumers benefit from increased uniformity and functionality.
State Based Systems

Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact - Insurance Summit 2020

For almost 20 years, the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact (Insurance Compact) has brought states together to achieve a common and collective goal of improving insurance product regulation through uniformity and consistency in consumer-centric regulatory requirements and review. With 46 Compacting states and the vast majority of eligible companies of all sizes having Compact-approved products in the marketplace, the Insurance Compact has become woven into the fabric of state-based insurance product regulation for annuities, life, long-term care and disability income insurance. The Insurance Compact is a truly unique speed-to-market tool facilitating regulatory compliance and streamlining insurers filing, testing and delivery process. For more information, visit the Insurance Compact website.
Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact

Vertafore - Insurance Summit 2020

For more than 50 years, we have built insurance technology solutions so our customers can focus on what matters most to them—people. Vertafore’s solutions for agency management, client engagement, ratings, regulation, compliance and connectivity empower simpler, smarter insurance distribution for every stakeholder. Agencies, carriers, MGAs and state governments alike rely on Vertafore to streamline their workflows, improve efficiency and drive productivity. Through a fierce devotion to customer success, a continual focus on excellence, and a commitment to delivering modern, innovative InsurTech solutions, Vertafore is delivering results that make a difference for the entire distribution channel. For more information, visit

CIPR/Library - Insurance Summit 2020

The NAIC’s Center for Insurance Policy and Research provides research and education to drive discussion and advance thought leadership and action on current and emerging insurance issues among regulators, policymakers, industry and academics. The Center supports the NAIC’s peer-reviewed Journal of Insurance Regulation. CIPR also produces key topic briefs, a hub of disaster resilience information and research reports, and holds many programs, webinars and forums on regulatory issues. The NAIC-CIPR Research Library provides research and information services to state insurance regulators, with a particular focus on the key initiatives outlined by NAIC members. We house the NAIC archives, including the complete digitized collection of NAIC Proceedings, as well as the most thorough collection of insurance regulatory resources in the United States. Regulators can submit requests to the library team by emailing 
Center for Insurance Policy and Research

SERFF - Insurance Summit 2020

SERFF is a web-based electronic filing solution supporting states’ efforts to go electronic and eliminate paper filings for more efficient operations. SERFF is the most cost-effective and efficient way to submit rate and form filings to the states and jurisdictions. SERFF also accelerates market-entry for new and renewing products, while ensuring compliance with consumer protection requirements. 

OPTins - Insurance Summit 2020

OPTins is a web-based electronic filing solution supporting states’ efforts to go electronic and eliminate paper filings for more efficient operations. OPTins supports required state-specific forms for filing premium tax, surplus lines tax, assessments and other state-specific filing types. OPTins supports filings to 28 states, is mandated by 19 jurisdictions, and offers seamless electronic payment submission and minimal transaction fees.

Global Insurance Accelerator - Insurance Summit 2020

Our investors are insurance companies. Our 100+ mentors are insurance professionals. Be part of the insurance industry's accelerator. Headquartered in Iowa, home to 200+ insurance companies, the Global Insurance Accelerator (GIA) is a mentor-driven business accelerator designed to foster innovation through global startups building solutions for the U.S. insurance industry. The GIA operates an equity program in the spring for early-stage InsurTech companies and a non-equity program in the fall for growth-stage InsurTech companies. To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn at:
Global Insurance Accelerator