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Prod Serv - AVS

The NAIC’s Valuation of Securities database contains more than 250,000 securities from over 40,000 issuers. This wealth of information is at your fingertips with a subscription to the Automated Valuation Service (AVS). AVS is the fastest and most efficient way to obtain crucial information about the securities in your portfolio. Whether you need it for a single security or your entire portfolio, our web-based application gives you the NAIC designation and review date, pricing, SIC code, SVO group code, and market indicator.

AVS users download valuation reports as early as the second business day of the new quarter. AVS users also receive unlimited Help Desk support, access to important information via the AVS Bulletin Board, and prompt, friendly service from the Insurance Data Products team.

Your unlimited access includes:

  • Unlimited Searches
  • Unlimited Valuation Files
  • You can order more than one kind of valuation, and VOS & FE can be broken out into two files.
  • Plus, order monthly valuations rather than just quarterly.
  • Unlimited Securities in a Portfolio
  • Upload a full replacement file as needed

AVS Notification Service
Our customizable Alert Service will send you a daily e-mail notifying you of changes to only the securities in your portfolio, or to any security in the database. You choose the amount of information you want. Once you receive the e-mail, log in to your AVS account and see the changes immediately.

AVS Insurer Look-Up Service - discontinued
The AVS+ Insurer Look-Up Service has been discontinued. Current 2021 licensees may continue to receive individual securities up to a maximum of 50 securities through December 31, 2021. 

In 2022, pending membership approval of the 2022 budget, a new entry-level tier of $500 will be available to customers with Schedule D securities valued at $5 million or less.

Optional Companion Products
Purposes and Procedures Manual of the NAIC Investment Analysis Office
This publication is the primary source for insurers to comply with the NAIC's reporting requirements. Contains the NAIC's credit assessment methodologies and valuation policies, and takes precedence over other publications covering a number of categories. Subscription includes periodic e-mail alerts directly from the Capital Markets & Investment Analysis Office. Updated biannually.

For more information on companion products, such as the 2020 Purposes and Procedures Manual, please contact a Business Specialist in the Publications Department at


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The following agreements have been approved for the 2022 subscription period:

The following agreements have been approved for the 2022 subscription period specifically for Reinsurers with Association Purposes.

The 2022 AVS Fee Schedule has been posted in conjunction with release of the Proposed 2022 Budget for public comment. Fees are pending budgetary approval by the membership. Prepayment is required for AVS+ access.

Annual subscription fees are based on the value of Schedule D securities for all companies included in each AVS account according to the following chart:

2022 AVS Fee Schedule – Subscription runs Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2022

Value of Schedule D Securities Annual AVS+ Access Fee
$250 Billion + $60,000
$200 Billion up
to $250 Billion
$100 Billion up
to $200 Billion
$50 Billion up
to $100 Billion
$25 Billion up
to $50 Billion
$10 Billion up to
$25 Billion
$3 Billion up to
$10 Billion
$1 Billion up to
$3 Billion
$750 Million up
to $1 Billion
$500 Million up
to $750 Million
$250 Million up
to $500 Million
$10 Million to
$250 Million
$5 Million to
$10 Million
$0 to $5 Million $500
Third-Party Administrators $12,500
Non-Insurers $12,500
Additional Users $150