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Changes in Financial Examination Panel Discussion
50 min

Over the last few years, as risk-focused surveillance continues to evolve, the amount and quality of information available to examiners when conducting financial examinations has grown. This includes more in-depth information about an insurer’s ERM/ORSA processes and enhanced monitoring in between examinations through risk-focused analysis. Examinations have also faced certain challenges due to impacts of the pandemic and continued efforts to enhance exam quality and efficiency. During this panel discussion, attendees will hear from experienced regulators about how these changes have impacted examinations and how examination teams are adapting.

Malis Rasmussen, Deputy Director and Chief Examiner, Utah Insurance Department

Michael Shanahan, Certified Supervising Examiner, Connecticut Insurance Department

Marshay Spencer, Financial Examiner/Analyst Supervisor, Florida Office of Insurance Regulation

Bailey Henning, Manager - Financial Examination, NAIC