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International Regulatory Cooperation

Last Updated 9/18/19

The International Insurance Relations (G) Committee works with insurance regulators in other countries - especially those in emerging insurance markets - to share information and provide training and expertise on insurance regulation. The International Insurance Relations Committee plays a key role in promoting the use of U.S. regulatory practices around the world through the International Regulatory Cooperation (G) Working Group.

The NAIC has participated in efforts to provide technical assistance and information to foreign regulators by responding to requests for information, by receiving foreign visitors, by inviting foreign regulators to participate in NAIC education programs, and by facilitating U.S. regulator participation in international conference, seminars and training activities.

The NAIC developed a formal International Internship Program in 2005 to advance working relations with foreign markets, emphasizing the exchange of regulatory techniques and technology. The program was formally renamed the International Fellows program in 2010.

The NAIC also engages in regular dialogues with insurance authorities in other countries, including the including the U.S.-EU Dialogue Project and frequent meetings with regulators from Japan, China, India and Brazil.

If you are seeking any form of regulatory cooperation, or would like further information, please contact the Manager of International Relations.


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