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Industry State Disaster Reporting Data Calls


Companies required to report data to the Colorado Division of Insurance regarding the 2021 Marshall Fire in Boulder County, must submit files through the Regulatory Data Collection tool. 

In order to access to the data collection software, all company contacts who plan to submit data on behalf of the company or group will need to send an email to requesting that they be assigned the following role: RDC_COFIRE_USER_PR. In order to avoid unnecessary delays filing your first report, please send the email to NAIC help desk as soon as you know who will be submitting the data on your company or group’s behalf.

Two templates are required. 
The first "All Lines.xlsx" includes all coverage types and should be submitted to the data call in RDC labeled "CO_ALLOTHER_FIRE."

The second "Residential.xlsx" includes residential property only and should be submitted to the data call in RDC labeled "CO_RESIDENTIAL_FIRE." 

The Residential spreadsheet should not include renter/tenant policies.

The Original Policy Inception date should be for the specific property where the loss occurred. 

Total square footage at time of loss should be from underwriting data.

If files are renamed before submitting to the system, they need to be simple (i.e., less than 12 characters in length and no special characters in the file name).

Reports are due according to the following schedule. The residential property only file is due beginning 2/28/2022. *The first two reporting dates listed below apply to the all coverage file only.

Cumulative Claims as of Date Report Due Date
1/24/2022 1/31/2022*
2/7/2022 2/14/2022*
2/21/2022 2/28/2022
3/7/2022 3/14/2022
3/21/2022 3/28/2022
4/4/2022 4/11/2022
4/18/2022 4/25/2022
5/9/2022 5/16/2022
5/23/2022 5/30/2022
6/6/2022 6/13/2022
6/20/2022 6/27/2022



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