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State Connected

The 2023–2025 strategic plan produced through the leadership and guidance of our NAIC officers and the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, along with the critical input of our members, in partnership with the NAIC’s management team and staff.

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State Connected reflects our members’ need for enhanced connections between each other, with markets, with consumers and stakeholders, to data and technology, to education and training, and with fellow regulators across the globe.

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Strategic Focus 1: Member Connectivity

Connecting NAIC members and their staff to each other and with NAIC resources, content, and expertise is paramount in preserving the state-based regulation system. This system will become even stronger through more individual and collective engagement opportunities among members and their departments. As a result, we secure a higher level of consumer protection for all.

Goal 1

A more engaged and collaborative membership and insurance department staff.

Goal 2

A more intuitive approach to accessing NAIC resources, content, and data.

Goal 3

A heightened awareness of and access to available regulatory expertise.

Strategic Focus 2: Training, Expertise, and Technology

Delivering valuable training and access to expertise is fundamental to the NAIC’s mission. These services provide member jurisdictions with training on a broad range of insurance regulatory subjects and facilitate access to subject matter experts (SMEs) internally, within the membership, and externally. Likewise, providing technology infrastructure and application systems to enable greater efficiencies in regulatory processes is a vital NAIC function. The NAIC’s work to achieve the objectives outlined below will further our strive for excellence in delivering educational/training content, facilitating connections to expertise, and modernizing information systems.

Goal 1

High-quality regulator education and training content and curriculums suitable for all regulatory staff functions.

Goal 2

A heightened awareness of and access to available regulatory expertise, including within member agencies.

Goal 3

Modern, stable, and secure technology solutions.

Strategic Focus 3: Data and Analytics

As the official data hub for state/territory insurance regulators for many statutory filings and related reports, the NAIC must remain proficient in collecting and using data from regulated entities. Building on the advancement under State Ahead, further development of the NAIC’s analytics and analysis capabilities is needed to provide timely and insightful findings.

Goal 1

High-quality financial and market conduct data and reports.

Goal 2

Self-service data analytics and tools.

Strategic Focus 4: Consumer Education, Outreach, and Advocacy

State/territory insurance departments play an important role in educating and assisting their jurisdictions’ citizens. Through its members, committees, and staff, the NAIC has substantial resources/expertise that can be marshaled to: develop, share, and promote relevant consumer information; help address protection gaps; respond to the needs of underserved communities; and help consumers better engage with the industry and navigate the claims process. 

The NAIC can leverage the relationships, insights, and expertise of its members and staff to enhance our advocacy with federal/international policymakers on key member priorities and the importance and role of our state-based system.

Goal 1

Promote high-quality, relevant educational literature and tools available to consumers to help them learn about insurance companies and navigate the claims process.

Goal 2

Increase awareness of the role state/territory insurance departments play in protecting insurance consumers and incorporate it into NAIC advocacy and external communications initiatives.

Strategic Focus 5: Committee Governance and Management

The NAIC’s committee system provides the forums and standard-setting bodies necessary for developing and maintaining regulatory policies and practices. There is a desire to more proactively manage the size and scope of the committee system to help ensure the NAIC’s nimbleness for addressing emerging issues. The members lead and drive the committee system with the support of professional staff. 

Effective governance and management are important to maintaining the credibility of the NAIC in developing and recommending regulatory policies and standards of practice to state legislatures, as appropriate, to the regulated industry and interested federal agencies. The Executive (EX) Committee plays a critical role in setting the “tone” for overseeing the NAIC’s business and regulatory affairs.

Goal 1

A highly effective, efficient, and disciplined committee system, aligned with the membership’s regulatory priorities.

Goal 2

NAIC model laws and regulations that achieve consensus.

Goal 3

A routine, periodic review of existing models to ensure they remain relevant and aligned with current models and strategic regulatory objectives. 

Goal 4

An Executive (EX) Committee focused on the future of state-based insurance regulation and the strategic role of the NAIC as a regulatory support organization.

Strategic Focus 6: NAIC Operations

For the NAIC to serve as an effective hub for its members, internally, the NAIC operations and structure must be optimized for coordination and collaboration. Additionally, the success of many of the prior Strategic Focuses rests on having a talented and engaged workforce at the NAIC. In the post-COVID-19 environment, the battle for talent will be fierce. Consequently, the NAIC must position itself to attract and retain the workforce of the future. 

Goal 1

A seamless “5-star” experience for our members.

Goal 2

Enhanced coordination and collaboration within existing NAIC units. 

Goal 3

Creating an environment where employees feel empowered, engaged, and valued to promote hiring and retention.