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Access forms, tools, and resources for individuals and organizations to file forms, improve efficiency, and remain compliant.

Regulatory Reporting

Financial Statement Filing

Provides essential data for the Insurance Regulatory Information System (IRIS) Financial Ratio Reports, risk-based capital analysis, and other solvency-related reviews of individual companies, including reporting compliance and financial analysis.

State Instructions

Financial statement filing instructions for each state.

Participation Fees

Learn more about how filing fees are calculated.

Online User's Guide

Get information on how to file online. Online filing handles all statement types (property, life, health, fraternal, and title) and submission types (annual March, April, RBC, Combined, and June as well as quarters 1, 2, and 3).

Securities Valuation Office (SVO)

Supports the Valuation of Securities (E) Task Force conducting credit quality risk assessments of insurer-owned corporate, municipal, government, private placement, structured, foreign, and fund security types along with other investment types and reviews.

Structured Securities Group (SSG)

Assesses the risks associated with securitizations and other complex financially engineered securities; specifically, residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS), commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), and mortgage reference securities.

Market Conduct Annual Statement (MCAS)

Provides market regulators with market conduct information not otherwise available for their market analysis initiatives.

Subsidiary Controlled Affiliation (SCA)

The SCA Filing Process memorandum intends to communicate the updated filing instructions and SCA filing exclusions with all states.

Data Calls

The intent of data calls is to provide state regulators with more information about insurance markets.

NAIC Account Manager

Order products and manage your invoices through our online account manager.

Individual/Company Licensing & Filing

Uniform Certificate of Authority Application

The Uniform Certificate of Authority Application (UCAA) process is designed to allow insurers to file copies of the same application for admission in numerous states. Each state that accepts the UCAA is designated as a uniform state.

National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR)

Tools to make the producer licensing process more efficient and uniform. Includes the Producer Database and Appointments and Terminations.

State Licensing Handbook

This handbook is based on the Producer Licensing Model Act (MDL-218), the Uniform Resident Licensing Standards and other guidelines.

Education for Industry Professionals

Courses to help industry professionals comply with regulatory processes.

Rate & Form Filing

Public Lead State Report

The collective state insurance departments (through the NAIC) have been further developing their lead state concept and have incorporated aspects of this concept into state insurance law

Uniform Review Standards Checklists

For use by the insurance industry and state regulators to promote uniformity and speed to market in the filing process.

Product Requirements Locator (PRL)

Generates a report showing regulatory requirements for specific product filings. Effective 1/1/20.


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Rate & Form Filing Review Requirements

Select a state or jurisdiction for a representative's contact information and filing checklist.

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International Insurers

For more information and useful documents like Quarterly Listing of Alien Insurers, Company Applications or Annual Filings, and Lloyd's Applications or Annual Filings, please visit our Surplus Lines Working Group.

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Branded Consumer Guides

Order custom imprinted consumer guides for a variety of consumer products.