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For consumers, interested parties, and insurance industry professionals, we can assist with non-technical questions regarding:

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Phone: 816-783-8500, option 1

For Technical Assistance with passwords, user IDs and access, and other application related issues, see Technical Support below:

To alert the NAIC of security or availability incidents or concerns, e-mail us at or call the security incident hotline at (816) 783-8558.

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Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for accessing NAIC secure data systems & applications adds another level of authentication beyond just entering your login name and password. 


Technical Support:

For the systems and application technical support, please contact the NAIC Service Desk for the following functions unless otherwise specified in the application descriptions:

  • New user ID/account set up.
  • Password resets/account unlocks.
  • Error messages or malfunction of the application.

Business Hours:
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Central Time)
Monday - Friday (except holidays)


Phone: 816-783-8500 – Option 2 (Industry), option 3 (State Regulator)

For information regarding our various applications, please view our Service Catalog.

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We support the most widely-used modern browsers: Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome. 

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State Based Systems - SBS is an electronic system owned by the NAIC and enhanced in partnership with state insurance departments.  The purpose of the SBS initiative is to provide a comprehensive, web-based application for use by state insurance regulators in support of their regulatory functions.  The goal for SBS is to enable your state insurance department to more efficiently and effectively process license applications, renewals, inquiries, complaints, enforcement actions, etc., with a minimum of effort and remain compliant with national uniformity initiatives. 

SERFF is the most cost-effective and efficient way to submit rate and form filings to the states and jurisdictions. Outside of training or the tutorial and the possibility of using a data hoster, you will only need an Internet Browser and Adobe Acrobat or a PDF software to submit filings with SERFF. There are no licensing fees to use SERFF. If you wish to implement SERFF as an insurance company to submit filings, contact SERFF Implementation & Marketing at (816) 783‑8787 or

OPTins facilitates the submission of premium tax, assessment, surplus lines tax, Annual Contracted Producer Report, and other state-specific filings and payments to the states. If you wish to implement OPTins as an insurance company to submit filings, contact OPTins Marketing at 816-783‑8787 or

Business & Regulatory Support Teams:

The links below take you to the contact information and web pages for these support teams:


FDR -The NAIC Financial Data Repository is a centralized warehouse of financial data to be used primarily by state regulators as well as other policymakers and academics.

CIPR - The Center for Insurance Policy and Research - We provide research and education to drive discussion and advance thought leadership as well as action on current and emerging insurance issues amongst insurance commissioners, policymakers, industry and academics.

UCAA – Uniform Certificate of Authority Application - The Uniform Certificate of Authority Application (UCAA) process is designed to allow insurers to file copies of the same application for admission in numerous states

MCAS – Market Conduct Annual Statement. The contact information is displayed for each state and line of business to the right of the selections available. For the ratio information, you will find an illustration of all the values and distributions of all the ratios of the selected jurisdiction. Any questions should be directed to:

SVO - Securities Valuation Office - one of the three groups within the Capital Markets & Investment Analysis Office, is responsible for the day-to-day credit quality assessment of securities owned by state regulated insurance companies.

SSGThe NAIC's Structured Securities Group, another group within the Capital Markets & Investment Analysis Office, is responsible for the analysis of Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS) and Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) owned by state regulated insurance companies subject to Statement of Statutory Accounting Principles No. 43 Revised - Loan-Backed and Structured Securities.

Capital Markets Bureau - The Capital Markets Bureau is located in the NAIC's Capital Markets & Investment Analysis Office in New York City. Its mission is to support state insurance departments and other NAIC staff on matters affecting the regulation of investment activities at state regulated insurance companies. The Capital Markets Bureau monitors developments and trends in the financial markets generally, and specifically with respect to the insurance industry

Publications – Contact an NAIC Customer Service Representative at to create an account to purchase hardcopy or online subscriptions for one of our publications. If you already have an account, login to Account Manager

Financial Data - The NAIC offers thousands of products for sale that vary in complexity and structure. We have many options to give you the flexibility to customize how you want to receive your data order. Data Request Form - place your order by e-mail at

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