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International Insurance Relations (G) Committee

2021 Membership

2021 Adopted Charges


The mission of the International Insurance Relations (G) Committee is to coordinate NAIC participation in international discussions on and the development of insurance regulatory and supervisory standards and to promote international cooperation. The Committee also coordinates on international insurance matters with the U.S. federal government, including the U.S. Department of the Treasury (Treasury Department), the Federal Reserve Board, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), the U.S. Department of Commerce, and other federal agencies. In addition, the Committee provides an open forum for NAIC communication with U.S. interested parties and stakeholders on international insurance matters.

Ongoing Support of NAIC Programs, Products or Services

  1. The International Insurance Relations (G) Committee will:
    1. Monitor and assess international activities at forums like the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS), the Financial Stability Board (FSB), and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), among others, that affect U.S. insurance regulation, U.S insurance consumers, and the U.S. insurance industry.
    2. Support and facilitate the participation of state insurance regulators and the NAIC in relevant IAIS, FSB, OECD and similar workstreams.
    3. Develop NAIC policy on international activities, coordinating as necessary with other NAIC committees, task forces and working groups, and communicating key international developments to those NAIC groups.
    4. Coordinate and facilitate state efforts to participate in key bilateral and multilateral dialogues, projects, conferences and training opportunities with international regulators and international organizations, both directly and in coordination with the federal government, as appropriate.
    5. Strengthen international regulatory systems and relationships by interacting with international regulators and sharing U.S. supervisory best practices, including conducting an International Fellows Program and educational (technical assistance) seminars to provide an understanding of the U.S. state-based system of insurance regulation.
    6. Coordinate the NAIC's participation in the International Monetary Fund (IMF)/World Bank Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP).
    7. Coordinate state efforts to assist in achieving U.S. international trade objectives through reviewing relevant materials, developing input, and providing assistance and expertise on insurance matters to the USTR and/or other federal entities.

NAIC Support Staff: Ryan Workman/Nikhail Nigam

International Insurance Relations (G) Committee

2021 Summer National Meeting
International Insurance Relations (G) Committee
Monday, August 16, 2021
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM EDT

Union Station Ballroom - Convention Center, Level 1

Education & Training Events
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Media Inquiries
(816) 783-8909

Ethan Sonnichsen
Director, Government Relations
Phone: 202-471-3980

Ryan Workman
Assistant Director, International Relations and Policy
Phone: 816-783-8072 

Rashmi Sutton
Senior International Relations Policy Counsel
Phone: 202-649-4986

Gita Timmerman
Senior International Relations Policy Counsel
Phone: 202-471-3981

Ned Tyrrell
Senior International Solvency Policy Advisor
Phone: 212-386-1986

Nikhail Nigam
International Relations Policy Advisor
Phone: 202-227-9362

Please see the current Committee List for a complete list of committee members.