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NAIC/Consumer Liaison Committee

2021 Membership

2021 Reaffirmed / Adopted Mission Statement

The mission of the NAIC/Consumer Liaison Committee is to assist the NAIC in its mission to support state insurance regulation by providing consumer views on insurance regulatory issues. The Liaison Committee provides a forum for ongoing dialogue between NAIC members and NAIC consumer representatives. The Liaison Committee’s activities in 2021 will be closely aligned with the priorities of the NAIC Consumer Board of Trustees.

Commissioner Michael Conway (CO) is the Chair of the 2021 NAIC/Consumer Liaison Committee. He is also Chair of the 2021 NAIC/Consumer Board of Trustees. Information about the NAIC Consumer Participation Program (application deadline, selection criteria, etc.) can be found on the NAIC Web page consumer_participation.htm. Public contact lists for the 2021 NAIC Funded and Unfunded Consumer Representatives are also posted on this Web page.

The NAIC Consumer Participation Program is administered by the NAIC Consumer Board of Trustees. Here is a list of the members of the NAIC 2021 Consumer Board of Trustees: 2021%20Board%20Members.pdf

NAIC Support Staff: Lois E. Alexander

NAIC/Consumer Liaison Committee

2021 Fall National Meeting
NAIC/Consumer Liaison Committee
Monday, December 13, 2021

Ballroom 20 ABC - Convention Center -  Upper Level


Virtual: This meeting will be offered in a Virtual format.  Zoom links will be provided in the Event App.

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Media Inquiries
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Lois E. Alexander
Market Regulation Manager II
Phone: 816-783-8517


Please see the current Committee List for a complete list of committee members.