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We’re here to serve you and your mission. Our goal is to bring state regulators together to serve the public interest. We provide tools and resources to help regulators set standards and best practices, provide regulatory support functions, and educate consumers and stakeholders on U.S. state-based insurance regulation.

The Power of Uniting and Uplifting Insurance Regulators

In order to ensure our members can protect consumers and keep markets competitive, we are responsive to each state’s diverse and market-specific risks. NAIC provides tools and education so regulators can perform their jobs with knowledge and intent.

Ensuring State Law Compliance

We ensure insurance policy forms and rates comply with state laws and enforce state laws relating to company conduct.

Developing Professional Standards

We develop training programs and establish professional standards.

Protecting Consumer Interests

We manage extensive systems of peer-reviewed, multi-state oversight and accreditation programs and provide education, training and accreditation programs to regulators at all levels.

Doug Ommen

Featured Member

Doug Ommen

Appointed as Iowa Insurance Commissioner in January 2017, Commissioner Ommen previously served as deputy commissioner for the Iowa Insurance Division and as Director of the Missouri Department of Insurance. Commissioner Ommen earned his law degree from the Saint Louis School of Law, and he is licensed to practice law in Iowa and Missouri. 

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Member Funding

Access forms and tools to file expense reports, review grant and zone scholarship balances, and access NAIC travel guidelines.


The NAIC recognizes state insurance departments and their staff for their efforts collaborating with other member states and the NAIC, as well as the advancement of the insurance regulatory profession through their work.

Robert Dineen Award

In June 1989, we established the Robert Dineen Award in honor of the founder of our Support and Services Office.

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Raymond G. Farmer Award for Exceptional Leadership

Honoring exemplary leadership, a sustained length of industry service, and contributions to advancing our mission

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Insurance Departments

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March 15-18, 2024

Spring National Meeting

Meeting minutes are now available from the Interactive Agenda.

May 16 -17, 2024

International Insurance Forum

The Agenda for the 2024 International Insurance Forum is Now Available! Registration Now Open!

2024 International Insurance Forum

May 21 - 23, 2024

DC Fly-In

More information will be coming soon!

August 12-15, 2024

Summer National Meeting

More information coming soon!

November 16 - 20, 2024

Fall National Meeting

More information coming soon!

Education & Training

The NAIC Education & Training Department produces resources and tools to help our members thrive. As a centralized hub for NAIC professional development initiatives, we provide regulatory, technical, and compliance training programs, act as a repository for knowledge and best practices, and support the performance objectives of NAIC members.

Course Schedule

Access NAIC’s Education Course Schedule for a comprehensive, sortable list of upcoming course offerings.

Training Paths

Utilize NAIC’s Educational Training Paths to see recommended course outlines for financial and market regulators.

Designation Program

Enroll in NAIC’s Insurance Regulator Professional Designation Program for a structured credentialing program to gain skills and expertise in the many areas of insurance regulation.

Technical Training

Learn about NAIC’s Technical Training Team to explore specialized computer training for regulators and industry professionals.

Practical Manager

Explore NAIC’s Practical Manager Program—a customizable, interactive workshop designed specifically for managers, supervisors, and executive-level leaders within state insurance departments.


Access tools and resources for U.S. insurance regulators.