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From consumer guides to statistical reports and technology solutions, the NAIC provides reliable data, information and technology applications for regulators, consumers and industry. Most of these publications are available free of charge. Some manuals, handbooks and compendiums require purchase and can also be found on the Publications page.

Technology Products and Services Catalog

The NAIC develops and maintains software tools to enable state insurance regulators throughout the country to increase productivity and streamline business processes. These tools help regulators to submit and retrieve data, formulate data for decision making, and access information needed to do their jobs. The NAIC supports jurisdictions in regulating the insurance field and ensuring the welfare of consumers and society.

Data Products

In addition to information available through INSDATA, the NAIC maintains one of the world's largest insurance regulatory databases, and it is available to you.

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All current versions of our paid publications are available electronically via our online subscription service on the Bookshelf platform. All free publications are currently available by PDF download. Please be advised that the NAIC, no longer prints or ships any publications.

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