The NAIC Insurance Regulator Professional Designation Program
The NAIC Insurance Regulator Professional Designation Program

We would like to recognize the following recipients of NAIC Designations in 2018
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In the field of investment regulation, there is a dire need for individuals with the training specifically for the statutory regulation of insurer investments. The IPIR designation program is focused on this purpose. In light of the 2008 recession and the fact that insurers are changing their portfolios to higher risk, less liquid allocations; state regulation needs IPIRs!

High integrity professionals who study hard to pass designation-related exams understand the advantages of lifetime learning. Their management will acknowledge the seriousness of those regulators who stay abreast of investment risk and strive for an A game on their behalf. For me, it was the answer to enhance my career. I knew I had to differentiate myself. But it wasn't all about being different, it was also about having a deeper understanding and appreciation of investment risk. I highly recommend the IPIR  designation program.

Elaine Wieche
Certified Financial Examiner
Connecticut Insurance Department

The IPIR Designation Program is a two-fold exercise that requires one to possess the technical skills about investment principles plus the ability to organize one's thoughts into completing the Capstone Project. First, one develops the technical skills by passing modules that contain classes of invested assets and related investment practices. 

Then, the knowledge gained, is used to analyze an assigned insurance company's investment portfolio. With the acquired knowledge from completing the IPIR Designation you are then asked how you would communicate your knowledge to others in your department and to other regulators. If you are looking for an academic challenge, but desire a sense of accomplishment, then you should consider obtaining an IPIR.

Joel Sander
Assistant Commissioner of Examinations
Oklahoma Insurance Department


Featured State Mentor
Keller Jeannie

I have just reached my 10-year anniversary with the Montana Commissioner’s office. In each and every one of those years, I have taken classes through the NAIC Education Department. No matter what your education or experience is, there is always something available to expand your regulatory knowledge.

Employees begin their career in Insurance Regulation with varying levels of insurance experience. Usually their first few months are spent learning the job and the computer system.  The initial focus may not be on long term employment development. The NAIC Education Department provides a readymade plan for these new employees. Recognizing that not all staff have the same educational needs, the NAIC Designation program outline options for basic insurance classes, webinar only participation and specific educational needs(financial, market conduct, etc.).

Many times, employees will ask “what’s in this for me?”. When I outline that the additional knowledge I gained from the designation program helped me advance within the agency, it’s much easier to get buy in from the employee. As a NAIC Designation Program Mentor, I work with the employee to help them find courses that will support their career goals. As the industry is constantly changing and evolving, the NAIC Education Department serves as a support to state employees as they work to protect consumers while also honing their own skills and regulatory knowledge.

Jeannie Keller
Insurance Services Bureau Chief
Montana Office of the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance

Most states have an NAIC Designation Mentor that can assist staff with designation questions specific to their state (NAIC Professional Designation Program State Mentors).

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The Program

Welcome to the NAIC's Professional Designation Program! Designed to provide state insurance regulators at all staff levels with an opportunity for professional growth through completion of specific educational requirements, the NAIC-sponsored professional designation will recognize your expertise in insurance regulation. Four levels of designations are available: Associate Professional in Insurance Regulation (APIR), Professional in Insurance Regulation (PIR), Senior Professional in Insurance Regulation (SPIR) and Investment Professional in Insurance Regulation (IPIR). 

Download the Policies and Procedures to learn more.

John Godfread

“I’m excited about having the opportunity to chair the NAIC Designation Advisory Board and look forward to being part of a program as highly regarded as the NAIC’s Insurance Regulator Professional Designation Program. I believe that lifelong learning is critical to career success and this particular program certainly sets its graduates up for lifelong success. In addition, the program not only helps those who participate but also bolsters our commitment to state-based regulation by developing top-level talent to serve in insurance departments across the country.”

Commissioner Jon Godfread
North Dakota Insurance Department

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I cannot encourage my fellow regulators enough to get involved with the NAIC's Designation Program which promotes the exchange information and ideas through its courses. My learning experience with the program has helped me to understand the many facets of insurance regulation. I have gained invaluable knowledge in areas I would not normally be exposed to. I will definitely take another course soon. Every regulator should earn an NAIC designation as it will be of great benefit to you.

When working with my colleagues in other areas I am better prepared and understand their role in the big picture of insurance regulation. I encourage every regulator to look at the NAIC courses offered and take courses that are outside their comfort zone. Regulators will find an enjoyable experience learning something new!

Richard Tozer
Manager, Agent Licensing
Agent Regulation Division
Virginia Bureau of Insurance

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