Regulator Comments - Education Designation
NAIC Designation Program - What Regulators Have to Say
LeAnn Crow Profile

“I had worked at the Kansas Insurance Department for about one year when I found the NAIC Designation Program. Because I was new to the regulation of insurance, I quickly enrolled in the APIR Designation courses and began my journey through the NAIC classes. I really enjoyed the online course atmosphere and one of the highlights for me was being able to actively discuss the coursework with other regulators across the country taking the same class. I completed the PIR Designation and look forward to starting the SPIR coursework this year. Thank you to the NAIC for offering a respected and trusted Designation Program as well as to Commissioner Selzer for his support in his staff’s education endeavors.”

LeAnn Crow
Kansas Insurance Department

Suma Mathew Profile

“The course content was extremely valuable to my job as a Financial Analyst. I had an opportunity to get to know other regulators and their personal job related experiences. I recommend the NAIC Designation Program to anyone wishing to improve their knowledge as an insurance regulator. Furthermore, I greatly appreciate the encouragement offered by Commissioner Doak.”

Suma Mathew, PIR
Oklahoma Insurance Dept.

Jason Lapham Profile

"Participating in the NAIC Designation Program has been an invaluable experience. Too often insurance regulators can become compartmentalized as they focus on their specific areas of expertise. By providing opportunities to explore subjects outside of my day-to-day duties, the Designation Program has strengthened my appreciation for the overall mission of insurance regulation and highlights the need for regulators to understand the importance of the role each of us plays in ensuring a fair, competitive, and financially sound insurance marketplace. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone wishing to enhance their knowledgebase and improve their abilities as regulators enroll in the NAIC Designation Program."

Jason Lapham
Kansas Insurance Department

Tom Whitener Profile

“The NAIC Designation Program has truly supported and challenged me as a student through an assorted learning approach of visual presentations, group discussions and time-specific exercises. Each completed course expands my insurance knowledge and allows me to discover more advanced features of several regulatory topics. By having the flexibility of online courses, I am able to study when it is convenient for me. I honor the distinction of being recognized as the first person to receive the PIR designation in the state of WV.”

Tom Whitener, PIR
WV Offices of the Insurance Commissioner

Cheryl Charleswell Profile

"The NAIC Designation Program, thus far, has been very beneficial as a refresher, and as a tool that enables me to keep up with the current events in the insurance industry.  As Chief Examiner, I seek to encourage all examiners to enroll in the program.  I commend the examiners of my Division who have not only enrolled, but have gone on to achieve the APIR and the PIR levels of the designation.  It is my belief that if supervisors participate in the program we will be more empowered to provide effective guidance. What better way is there to encourage our staff to register for the courses than to show them that we, too, are involved?  

As a supervisor, I am aware that the insurance industry is not static or rigid, but constantly evolving, which means that regulators cannot be complacent with the methods utilized to regulate the industry.  Since no one regulator knows it all, it behooves all regulators, supervisors included, to be part of a growing network in its fight to prevent insolvency and consequently protect consumers, which is our main focus.  The designation courses are continuously revised and updated to point us in the right direction."

Cheryl Charleswell, APIR
Chief Examiner
Virgin Islands Division of Banking & Insurance

Dwight Radel Profile

"The NAIC Designation Program offers an excellent opportunity for regulators to expand their understanding of the insurance industry. The curriculum of courses offered was extensive and covered current hot topics. The availability to take courses online was very beneficial to me from a timesaving standpoint and the flexibility that it affords. I highly recommend the Program to any state insurance regulator interested in professional growth and development."

Dwight Radel, PIR
(shown above with former Commissioner Hudson)
Ohio Department of Insurance

Dan Applegarth Profile

I have really enjoyed the PIR program. It has enhanced my skills as a regulator by increasing my knowledge of both the industry and the regulatory tools that I have at my disposal. One of my favorite things about the program is the opportunity to attend instructor-led NAIC courses and associate with other regulators. There is no substitute for learning from other regulators personal experiences.

Dan Applegarth, PIR
Utah Department of Insurance

Vanessa Richards Profile

“Through the NAIC Designation Program I have been able to work, learn, accomplish and excel in insurance regulatory areas outside of my duties. The program gave me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge beyond the basic insurance scope and think outside the box.” 

Vanessa Richards
Virgin Islands
Division of Banking and Insurance

David Altmaier Profile

"The APIR program was a well rounded program that gave me a clear picture of how I fit into the overall regulatory setting.  The background obtained through these classes has improved my ability and confidence to perform as a regulator immensely, and I believe there is something here for everyone."

David Altmaier, APIR
Florida Office of Insurance Regulation

Naoko Weigelt Profile

“As a regulator of 10 years, reviewing the principles of regulation, functions of an insurance department and role and structure of the NAIC was still very worthwhile. Studying the basic regulatory concepts made me realize how important understanding them is to perform my job proficiently. With the foundation cultivated through the APIR, I intend to pursue the PIR to gain more specialized skills. I highly recommend the program to regulators who want to grow professionally as well as personally."

Naoko Weigelt, APIR
Idaho Department of Insurance

Arlene Knighten Profile

"Through my APIR coursework I have learned useful information that has made me a more valuable asset to the Solvency and Receivership team. I believe the training in the NAIC Designation Program will be an asset to me personally and to the Department as a whole in furthering the objectives of state based regulation."

Arlene Knighten, APIR
Louisiana Department of Insurance

Malis Rasmussen Profile

"Like Malcolm Forbes, I believe 'The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one,' as such the NAIC designation program has opened my mind to see the importance and complexity of the insurance industry."

Malis Rasmussen, APIR
Utah Department of Insurance

Kathy Horsley Profile

"The NAIC Designation program has been a wonderful experience for me and I believe I am a better regulator for having completed the APIR designation.
I look forward to completing the next two levels of designation and believe that it will help further my insurance regulation career."

Kathy Horsley, APIR
Kentucky Department
of Insurance

Carla Griffin Profile "The course content was extremely valuable and pertinent to my success in doing my job. The staff was helpful and supportive throughout the process. I would recommend the program to all regulators."

Carla Griffin, APIR
South Carolina Department of Insurance