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Technical Education
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The Technical Training Team of the Education and Training Department offers specialized computer training for regulators and industry professionals. 

Technical Training for Regulators
The NAIC offers three methods of regulator-only computer training to give you a complete range of choices to meet your training needs: onsite at your location, online, or in our computer training center in Kansas City. Each method offers its own unique set of benefits geared toward meeting your training requirements.

There is no registration fee for regulator-only computer training courses offered by the NAIC Technical Training Team. The NAIC only asks that departments of insurance reimburse the instructors for travel expenses incurred (if applicable). The training team instructors are specialists who are focused on your specific training needs.

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Onsite Training
Instructors from the NAIC Technical Training Team will travel to your state to deliver training for the courses you have selected. The lead instructor will coordinate the details of the course with the department of insurance.

Onsite training permits many people to be trained for minimal cost. Sending two instructors to your office is very cost-effective when compared to sending even three regulators out of town for training. No work is lost due to staff travel time.

Online Training
Online training is delivered over the Internet in conjunction with telephone conferencing. There is direct communication between the person attending the training and the instructor. No expenses are associated with web-based training. Staff may attend training from their own desk.

NAIC Computer Training Center
The NAIC Computer Training Center is located at the NAIC Central Office in Kansas City, Missouri. Invitations to training sessions are sent to departments of insurance throughout the year. This training allows you to network with regulators from other states and share ideas to help you improve efficiencies within your own department of insurance. Participants are responsible for arranging their own travel and lodging.

Technical Training for Insurance Industry Professionals
The NAIC offers online training for industry filers on the System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing (SERFF) application. Training is delivered over the Internet in conjunction with telephone conferencing. Participants are able to talk to the instructor and other attendees in the training session. This hands-on training course allows users to perform the same steps as the instructor with exercises to improve the learning process.

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