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Surplus Line Insurers Chart
Surplus Lines Chart

The chart below identifies each state's requirements for a surplus lines carrier for corporate changes.

Last Update: 07/19/2024
Updates to the information will be noted with a "*" next to the state name and edits will be italicized and bolded.

State Statute/Regulation Does state accept UCAA corporate amendment for surplus line carrier corporate changes? Additional Requirements Fees State Contact
AL   No Submit an Annual Audit and Examination Fee (Form PR) through OPTins at  Import Surplus Lines (Unauthorized) Insurer Policy Listing into the online ALDOI Surplus Line System at View SURPLUS LINES (UNAUTHORIZED) INSURANCE COMPANIES FILING REQUIREMENTS at   Andrea J. Brown
AK AS 21.31.010-21.31.900, AS 21.09.245 Yes     Jeffery Bethel
AR Ark. Code Ann. 23-65-305 Yes

Insurer must be authorized to write in its domiciliary jurisdiction, and have Capital and Surplus or its equivalent under the laws of its domiciliary jurisdiction, which equals the greater of the minimum capital and surplus requirement under the law of its home state, or $15,000,000.

To be added to our list of eligible surplus lines insurers we ask that you provide the following : Notice of Intent Letter (This is simply a letter stating that you intend to write in our state under the NRRA) addressed to the Commissioner, which includes the attached documentation:

Certificate of Compliance from the surplus line insurer’s state of domicile.

Copy of most recent financial statement filed with its state of domicile.

Completed Uniform Consent to Service of Process Form (UCAA Form 12) - surplus line insurers do not have to appoint a resident agent but provide the full name and address where a service of process is to be forwarded on Exhibit B of the form.

Foreign Surplus Lines insurers no longer have to file any financial statement filings, renewal fees or state specific filings with our state since the Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act of 2010 (NRRA).

Kimberly S. Johnson

AZ ARS 20-413 No Initial certification forms at None Erica Bowsher, Chief Financial Compliance Officer

California Insurance Code sections 1765.1 and 1765.2


Original LASLI applications, annual renewals and updates may now be made electronically through the LASLI portal -


Surplus Lines Association at (415) 434-4900

CO   Yes   None Renee Sanchez
CT Sec. 38a-271a Yes None $40
DE 18 Del. C. § 701  Yes   Foreign Corporate Amendment: Refer to 18 Del. C. § 701
$150 to add or delete lines of business
$150 issuance fee for new Certificate of Authority (Name Change, Statutory Address Change, Redomestication of Foreign Insurer)
$10 filing amended Articles of Incorporation
$10 filing amended by-laws
Fees are subject to retaliatory provision.

UCAA Corporate Amendments should be submitted electronically, and the application fee (check) should be mailed with a cover letter and application number.

Go to our webpage at or contact us at with any questions.

DC No License issued to a Surplus  line insurer No N/A N/A N/A
*FL Section 626.918, Florida Statutes; Rule 69O-136.004, F.A.C. Yes  

$5.00 Filing Fee
Make Checks payable to:
Department of Financial Services
P. O. Box 6100
Tallahassee, FL  32314-6100

Applicants are required to include the following codes on each check:
$5 Filing Fee Codes:

Katherine Schwalb
Applications Coordinator – P&C
(850) 413-2405
GA O.C.G.A.§ 33-5-20 Yes None See fee schedule: O.C.G.A. § 33-8-1 Scott Sanders
HI Contact state for requirements. 
ID Title 41 Ch 12 & IDAPA 18.06.06
Yes Certificate of Compliance, Letter of Intent, $15 mil in Capital & Surplus. $500.00 Candice Pratt

Michele Munoz

IL 215 ILCS 5/445 and Rule 2701 No, Domestic surplus lines insurers would file any corporate changes directly to the Department and would not utilize the UCAA corporate amendment and foreign surplus lines insurers are not licensed in IL so no need to file anything.   For domestic surplus lines carriers only-Amended Articles - $200.
Amended CofA $50.
Amended bylaws $50.
Marcy Savage at or 217-524-0016
IN N/A Indiana is a producer state. Yes, as a courtesy filing.   N/A

Annette Gunter
(317) 232-2428

IA   Yes   Contact Iowa Insurance Division.
KS Kansas Statutes Annotated (K.S.A.) 40-246b and 40-246c, provide that insurers may offer fire insurance coverages enumerated in K.S.A. 40-901, casualty insurance coverage enumerated in K.S.A. 40-1102, and/or reinsurance if such coverages are not readily obtainable in the admitted insurance market. Yes

To write surplus lines business in Kansas, in accordance with K.S.A. 40-246e, an insurer domiciled in the United States must first:
File with the commissioner of insurance a certified copy of the insurer’s most recent annual statement or if domiciled outside the United States, have filed the company’s most recent annual statement with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The required annual statement certification must be from the insurance department (or other regulatory authority) where the insurer is domiciled and the certification must be attached to the annual statement. The annual statement must be submitted in the form adopted by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
The annual statement shall reveal a capital or surplus equal to or greater than $4,500,000.
Any insurer submitting its annual statement for review by the commissioner as a prerequisite to offering surplus lines coverages in Kansas must submit a non-refundable filing fee of $200.

$200 Deb Dalton
Public Service Administrator
Rate and Form Compliance Division
KY Contact state for requirements. 
LA La. R.S. 22:436 Yes   $1,050.00 Tangela Byrd, Director                                     Company Licensing Division                          (225) 342-5972                                     
ME Contact state for requirements. 
MD Contact state for requirements. 
MA Contact state for requirements. 
MI Chapter 19 of the Michigan Insurance Code New applications: Company should complete  Application for Verifying Eligibility as Surplus Lines Insurer found on DIFS website at Corporate amendments: notice and domiciliary approval should be e-mailed to Application Coordinator (corporate amendment application not accepted). Applicant company must meet capital and surplus requirement of $15 million and must be authorized in state of domicile to write lines of business the company will write on a surplus lines basis in Michigan. $500 Linda Martin
Application Coordinator
MN   Yes, preferred to be filed electronically for all, if filed in hardcopy, must use UCAA form for appropriate amendment.  Surplus Lines Application Fee - $500. Mail payment with copy of (Minnesota Surplus Lines Checklist) Initial Application 500
All other amendments, no fee to file, however, $100 to update articles/$75 to update bylaws.
Jenn Gagner
MS MCA 83-21-17 Yes N/A Initial Application: $500
MO Chapter 384, RSMo Yes Form 12 may be used in lieu of the state-specific form. None Kelly Hopper
MT MCA Title 33 Chapter 2 Part 3 Yes None None Tavin Mogus
(406) 444-3469
NE Neb Rev Stat 44-5501 to 44-5515 N/A N/A N/A Kristy Hadden
NV Contact state for requirements.
NH RSA 405:25 Only need Notification Need notification None Linda.M.Zalinskie@INS.NH.GOV
NJ   No, N/A      
NM 59A-14 Yes    

Victoria A. Baca
Licensing Director
(505) 827-4554

Ursula Almada
Company Licensing Bureau
(505) 827-4524

NY None N/A N/A N/A Jose Joseph
NC Contact state for requirements.
ND N.D.C.C. § 26.1-44 No None None Company Licensing & Examinations Division
OH Ohio Revised Code 3933 No, must file directly. None None Cameron Piatt
Assistant Chief-Taxes, Admissions and Foreign Analysis
Office of Risk Assessment
(614) 728-1074
OK Contact state for requirements.
OR Contact state for requirements.
PA 40 P.S. §§ 991.1601 - 1626     31 Pa. Code Chapter 124 Yes In addition to being licensed in a domiciliary state and having $15 million in surplus, insurer must specify types of insurance to be offered in order to be added to the list of eligible surplus lines insurers.   No fee

Monique Miller, Licensing Specialist
(717) 783-3209 or

PR Chapter 10 of the Insurance Code Yes Contact the Insurance Department Contact the Insurance Department

Mrs. Glorimar Santiago
Admissions and Financial Analysis Division
(787) 304-8686 Ext. 4401

Mrs. Maria Morcelo
Admissions and Financial Analysis Division
(787) 304-8686 Ext. 4404

*RI   Contact State

The company meets the minimum Capital & Surplus requirement of $15,000,000 and files the required items they are formally registered.  And the Agent for Service of Process cannot be the Insurance Commissioner as required for licensed companies; the insurer must appoint an “individual” residing in Rhode Island to act in this capacity using the related form.

SC S.C. Code Ann. Section 38-45-10 Yes, as long as the company has an NAIC number. N/A No

Stacy Johnson
Corporate Amendment Apps:

SD SDCL 58-32 Change of Address Form.   $0 Char Squires Keller – Email:
TN TCA §56-14 TN will accept that method of delivery. N/A N/A

Phil Adams

TX TIC §981 and 28 TAC §15.301(a) Yes Companies seeking to be eligible for Surplus Lines must first file with the Surplus Lines Stamping Office of Texas( and submit Form FIN422 with TDI. $0 General questions: Filings:
UT Contact state for requirements.
VT 8 V.S.A. Chapter 138 No… None DFR Company Licensing, 802-828-2470,
VA § 38.2-4811 Yes   None Gayle Henderson
Office Supervisor
(804) 371-9869
WA None        
WV WV Code §§33-12C-1 to 33-12C-15.
WV Legislature Rule §§114-20-1 to 114-20-4.
No Requirements for any corporate change:
1) Written notice on company letterhead; and,
2) Copy of the State of Domicile's DOI Approval.
N/A Cristy Dunlap
Financial Conditions Division
WI   No filing of surplus lines carrier corporate changes are required.      
WY N/A - Woming does not license or register surplus lines insurers.