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Filing Fees - Primary and Expansion Applications - Industry UCAA
Filing Fees - Primary and Expansion Applications

The following table shows the fees charged by each state for filing either a Primary or Expansion Uniform Application. Please note that, due to retaliatory statutes, the ultimate amount of fees you pay in any state may be more than the amount indicated below.

Updates to the information will be noted with a " * " next to the state name and edits will italicized and bolded. 
Last Update: 03/10/2023

State Filing Fees Payee Instructions

$1,005 or retaliatory, whichever is greater, due upon approval.
$2,000 nonrefundable application examination fee due at filing.

Alabama DOI
P.O. Box 303351
Montgomery, AL 36130

Remit $2,000 fee at
Hamp Russell
(334) 240-4420

AK $2,250 or retaliatory, whichever is greater.

Division of Insurance
State of Alaska
550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1560
Anchorage, AK 99501-3567

Mail check with application to:
Division of Insurance State of Alaska
550 West 7th Avenue
Suite 1560
Anchorage, AK 99501-3567


Primary Application:
$370.00 Application fee

Expansion Application:
$670.00 Application Fee

Articles of Incorporation $175.00 Filing Fee

Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions

Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions

Arizona Corporation Commission

OPTins (ARIZONA APPLICATION/RENEWAL FEES) or Mail check made payable to the Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions. Note the payment method in the application cover letter.
Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions
Financial Affairs Division
100 N. 15th Ave., Suite 261
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2630

AR $1,000 or retaliatory, whichever is greater

Make checks payable to:
Arkansas Department of Insurance

Mail Fees to:
Arkansas Insurance Department Attn: Finance Division
1 Commerce Way, Suite 505
Little Rock, AR 72202-2087

Application fee should accompany the application and/or cover letter.
CA Primary App:          Expansion App:
    $4,656                      $4,656
Insurance Commissioner State of CA
Corp. Affairs Bureau
1901 Harrison Street, 6th Floor
Oakland, CA 94612
CO $500 nonrefundable processing fee Payable to:
Colorado Division of Insurance
Mails checks with application.
CT $220 for filing all documents prerequisite to the issuance of a license. 
Health Care Centers $1,350
(Primary Apps only)
Treasurer - State of Connecticut Fee should NOT be included with the application. An invoice will be sent to the applicant for appropriate filing fee. 
DE $1,000 (or retaliatory, whichever is greater) for filing application for initial Certificate of Authority, including all documents submitted as part of such application. 

$150 (or retaliatory, whichever is greater) issuance fee for the Certificate of Authority, if application is approved. $900 Fraud Fund Fee if applicable. 

Make checks payable to:

Delaware Department of Insurance
Attn: BERG
1351 West North Street, Suite 101
Dover, DE 19904

All UCAA Primary and Expansion applications must be filed in hard copy form with fees and submitted to the Department.

DC $500 Make checks payable to:
District of Columbia Treasurer

Mail Fees To:
c/o DC Treasurer,
P.O. Box 712180
Philadelphia, PA 19171-2180

Kathy Alexander
Insurance Licensing Specialist
(202) 442-7819

Mail Correspondence To:
Department of Insurance and Securities Regulation
1050 First Street, NE, Suite 801
Washington, DC 20002

FL Primary* & Expansion App:
$1,500 Filing Fee
$1,000 Company License Tax

Primary App:
$25 Permit Filing Fee

*If a redomestication and company is already licensed in Florida and license tax is current, $1,500  filing fee only. 

Make checks payable and mail directly to:
Department of Financial Services
P.O. Box 6100
Tallahassee, Florida 32314-6100
Applicants are required to include the following codes on each check:

Primary & Expansion App:
$1,500 Filing Fee Codes: B/T-C, TY/CL-10/06, F/T-F
$1,000 Company License Tax Codes: B/T-C, TY/CL-10/30, F/T-L
Primary App:
$25 Permit Filing Fee
Codes: B/T-C, TY/CL-10/08, F/T-F


$600 or retaliatory fee, whichever is greater

Pursuant to Bulletin 20-EX-8, a processing fee of $5 will be added to each transaction.

Georgia DOI
Suite 904, West Tower
2 MLK, Jr. Drive
Atlanta, GA 30334
Application fee and processing fee should accompany  application.
HI Effective May 28, 2015
Initial Application Fee $900 
(due at time of application)

C/A Issuance Fee $600
Service Fee for current year $600
(due before issuance of C/A)

Make check payable to:
Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.
Irene Baek
(808) 586-3870

Surplus less than $10M: $1,000
Surplus greater than $10M, but less than $100M: $2,500
Surplus greater than $100M: $4,500

Idaho Department of Insurance
700 West State Street 3rd Floor
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0043


Filing all documents for Expansion Application/Admission $5,000
Filing all documents for Primary Application/IL Domestic $2,000

Illinois Department of Insurance
320 West Washington
Springfield, IL 62767

Mail check with application.
IN Upon receipt of application invoice will be forwarded for required filing fees.

Indiana DOI
311 W. Washington, Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2787

Fees should be submitted electronically via the NAIC OPTins system at

Application Filing Fee: Larger of $50 or retaliatory amount
Certificate of Authority Issuing Fee: Larger of $50 or retaliatory amount
Desk Audit Fee in Accordance w/ 507.2: Larger of $2,000 or retaliatory amount

Iowa Insurance Division
1963 Bell Avenue, Suite 100
Des Moines, IA 50315


Larger of $500 or retaliatory amount, nonrefundable fee due at the time of application submission.

  • Annual Statement Filing Fee   $100
  • Certificate of Authority Fee             $10
  • Due prior to the issuance of COA
Checks are made payable to the Kansas Insurance Department.

Mail check with application.

If the larger admission fee is $500, additional fees will be required only if the Certificate of Authority is approved. If the larger admission fee is the retaliatory amount, no additional fees will be required. 

KY Domestic Companies
Charter Documents                 $100
Original Certificate of Authority $500
Total                                        $600
Foreign Companies
Annual Statement                    $100
Charter Documents                 $100
Original Certificate of Authority $500
Total                                        $700
Or retaliatory fee, whichever is greater.        
  Checks are made payable to Kentucky State Treasurer and forwarded with the application.
LA Application fee is calculated as follows:
Certificate of Authority         $2,500
Recordation of Articles of Incorporation                             $25
Total Fee to be submitted    $2,525
  Checks are made payable to the Louisiana Department of Insurance. The check for Policy Form Review must be a separate check.

Primary App:                         $1,000
Expansion App:                    $1,000
Fees are retaliatory per Title 24-A, M.R.S.A., §428.

Make Checks Payable to:
Treasurer, State of Maine
Mail to:
Maine Bureau of Insurance
34 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333


Maryland’s required Certificate of Authority filing fee is $1,225 subject to retaliatory provision as set forth in Section 6-303 of the Insurance Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland.

Dollar amounts for fees are set forth in the Insurance Article of Annotated Code of Maryland in Sections 2-112, 2-112.1 and 2-113. Fees for Health Maintenance Organizations are set forth in Section 19-709 of Article Health General of the Annotated Code of Maryland.

Maryland Insurance
200 St. Paul Place, Suite 2700
Baltimore, MD 21202-2272

Expansion App:
Please include a letter from domiciliary jurisdiction setting forth filing requirements and fees for filing an application and issuance of an original Certificate of Authority, pay the greater fees.

Victoria Claros
Director of Company Licensing


Primary App:                        $1,000
Expansion App:
Examination Fee                  $1,000
Charter Admission Fee           $125
Annual Statement Filing Fee   $150
Total Application Fees          $1,275

Checks payable to:
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Insurance

Massachusetts Division of Insurance
Financial Surveillance Unit
Attn: Amy Blue
Licensing Coordinator
1000 Washington Street, Suite 810
Boston, MA 02118-6200

Application fee should be mailed with the application. If the application is filed electronically the check for the respective filing fees must be accompanied by an explanatory cover letter.

Primary & Expansion Apps:
Application Filing Fee, $500 or Retaliatory whichever is the greater amount

Certificate of Authority Issuing Fee, $25 or Retaliatory whichever is the greater amount

Primary App:
Articles of Incorporation Review Fee $25
(Domestic Only)

Make checks payable to “The State of Michigan”

Department of Insurance and Financial Services
Office of Insurance Financial and Market Regulation
Mason Building, 7th Floor
530 W. Allegan Street
Lansing, MI 48933
Department of Insurance and Financial Services
Office of Insurance Evaluation
P.O. Box 30220
Lansing, MI 48909-7720

Application filing fees must accompany the application. The issuing fees will be billed if the applicant is approved for licensure.

Primary & Expansion Apps:
Application Fee $1,500
In addition, the Company is also billed a desk audit charge.
Expansion App:
Upon licensing the company will be billed $975.00 for a Property and Casualty Company (including Title Companies) or $1,025.00 for a Life Company.

Minnesota Department of Commerce
85 7th Place East, Suite 280
St. Paul, MN 55101-2198


Primary App:   $200
Expansion App:  $1,000
HMO - $5,000

MS Insurance Department
P.O. Box 79
Jackson, MS 39205-0079
1001 Woolfolk State Office Building
501 N. West Street
Jackson, MS 39201

Mail check with application. Other licensing fees will be requested at the time of licensing.
MO Admission Fee - $1,000.00

Rm. 530, HST Bldg.
301 W. High Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Mail check with application.

Include notation on check stating company name and “Application fee”.

MT $1,900 or retaliatory, whichever is greater.

Commissioner of Insurance
State of Montana
840 Helena Avenue
Helena, MT 59601

Submit payment with the application payable to the Commissioner of Insurance State of Montana

Steve Matthews
(406) 444-4372


§44-114 Nonrefundable Preadmission
Review Fee: $1,000
§44-114 Final Admission Filing Fee
(Due upon approval): $300
§44-150 Subject to retaliation

Nebraska DOI
1526 K St., Suite 200
Lincoln, NE 68508


PO Box 95087
Lincoln, NE 68509-5087

Kristy Hadden, Company Administrator
(402) 471-0373
Lori Bruss, Staff Assistant II
Examination Division
(402) 471-4045

Effective Immediately:
Payments should be made through the online payment portal at:


Click on Application Fees

Nevada Division of Insurance
Corporate & Financial Affairs
1818 East College Pkwy, Suite 103
Carson City, NV 89706
(775) 687-0700

Mail check for application fees to the Nevada Division of Insurance. If paying by ACH, an ACH Deposit Form must be submitted at time of payment.  Address any ACH questions to Kimberly Aubert at (775) 687-0782.

Primary App:
RSA 400-A:I,(a) Application Fee $1,000
RSA 400-A:I,(b) License Fee $100
RSA400-A:35 Retaliatory Provisions

Expansion App:
Expansion Application Fee is the larger of $1,000 or retaliatory amount.
License Fee is the larger of $100 or retaliatory amount (payable upon approval).
Fee is non-refundable

Make check payable to New Hampshire Insurance Department

New Hampshire Insurance Department
Financial Regulation Division
21 South Fruit St. Suite 14
Concord, NH  03301

Expansion App:

Please submit proper payment according to company’s state of domicile. See state specific page for fees.

Linda Zalinskie


Primary App:
Feasibility Study Review: $1,000
To file a Certificate of Incorporation of a domestic insurer: $1,000
Criminal History Checks: $18 per person

Expansion App:
Non Life/Health Admissions: $3,500
Life/Health Admissions: $5,000

Payable to the New Jersey General Treasury

New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance
P.O. Box 325
Trenton, NJ 08625-0325

Fee is submitted with the application.


Non Life/Health
Attn: Kwame Asare

Attn: Matthew Lakatos

NM $1,000 Nonrefundable Office of Superintendent of Insurance
P.O. Box 1689
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1689
Make check payable to: Office of Superintendent of Insurance or OSI

$10 fee for initial issuance of license
$30 fee for initial filing of Charter (certified copy)
Per Section 9107 of the N.Y. Ins. Law

All filing fees are payable to the “Superintendent of Financial Services” and must be remitted to the Office of General Counsel in Albany.  

Certificate of Authority Application fee (due at time of application)
Insurance Company $1000.00
Health Maintenance Organization $500.00
Hospital, Medical, Dental Service Corp (Domestic Only) $250.00 
Prepaid Health Plan (Domestic Only) $2,000

Make checks payable to:
North Carolina Department of Insurance
1203 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1203

Mail check with application.
Scott Wicker
(919) 807-6142

ND Larger of $500 or retaliatory amount

North Dakota Insurance Department
600 E. Boulevard Avenue Dept. 401
Bismarck, ND 58505

Company Licensing and Examination Division
(701) 328-2440

OH Strictly Retaliatory Ohio DOI
Risk Assessment
50 W. Town Street, Suite 300
Columbus, OH 43215

Primary & Expansion Apps:
Cameron Piatt
Assistant Chief-Taxes, Admissions and Foreign Analysis
Office of Risk Assessment
(614) 728-1074

Corporate Amendment Apps:
Janice Wheatley
Office of Risk Assessment
(614) 728-1074


Primary App (Paper Filing):
Application Review Fee        $1,000
Certificate of Authority             $150
Appoint of Commissioner as Agent for Service of Process               $10
Expansion App (Electronic Filing Only Through the NAIC):
Application review, the greater of retaliatory or $1,000 Certificate of Authority                                  $150
Appoint of Commissioner as Agent for Service of Process               $10

Oklahoma Insurance Department
Financial Division
400 NE 50th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Check payable to: Oklahoma Insurance Department

State Specific Information

Legal References

(405) 521-3966

Expansion App: Filing fees should be mailed to the Oklahoma Insurance Department with a cover letter identifying the company name, NAIC CoCode, application tracking number, and a detailed explanation for any additional paperwork/check mailed to the Department.
OR Larger of $2,500 or retaliatory, nonrefundable amount Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services
Insurance Division
350 Winter Street NE, Room 440
Salem, OR 97301-3883
Mail check with application. 
PA $2,500 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Please mail check with application to:
Company Licensing Division
Pennsylvania Insurance Dept.
1345 Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17120


To be authorized the Insurer/Reinsurer must pass through two phases:

First phase: $350 to evaluate the application. After this Office approves the first phase the Insurer/Reinsurer must comply with other requirements and additional fees are required.

Checks payable to: 

Secretary of Treasury

Office of the Commissioner of Insurance of Puerto Rico
Mrs. Glorimar Santiago
Admission and Financial Analysis Division
B5 C/Tabonuco
Suite 216 PMB 356
Guaynabo PR 00968-3029


Primary App:
There is no statutory fee for issuing a Certificate of Compliance. However, to obtain a Certificate of Compliance, the applicant must submit to an organizational exam, the cost of which is borne by the applicant, pursuant to §27-13.1-1 et seq
Expansion App:
RIGL §27-2.1 mandates a nonrefundable Application Fee of $1,200 for new foreign company applications. Upon the completion of the analysis, the applicant will be invoiced for the actual time incurred in conducting the analysis in accordance with the expense calculation for examinations under RIGL §27-13.1-7(a)(1).
Note: Pursuant to RIGL §27-2-17(a), foreign company fees are retaliatory if the company’s state of domicile would charge a R.I. insurance company a higher fee for a like transaction.

General Treasurer - State of Rhode Island

Expansion App:
Please mail the application fee with a cover letter at the time of application submission.  Review fees will be invoiced at the completion of the process.

Deb Almeida
Rhode Island Insurance Division
1511 Pontiac Avenue
Cranston, RI 02920
(401) 462-9542

SC Strictly Retaliatory

South Carolina DOI
1201 Main Street, Suite 1000 (29201)
P.O. Box 100105
Columbia, SC 29202-3105

Michael Shull
Chief Financial Analyst
(803) 737-6188


Application filing fee:               $500
Certificate of Authority:              $25
Subject to Retaliatory Law
Application Filing Fees Non-Refundable

Checks Payable to SD Division of Insurance

Mail check with Application to SD Division of Insurance
Attn: Patsy Madsen
124 S. Euclid Ave., 2nd Floor
Pierre, SD 57501


Primary App:
Nonrefundable review fee $675
Initial Certificate of Authority $440
Expansion App:
Nonrefundable review fee $675 plus retaliation
HMO nonrefundable review fee $1,300
Certificate of Authority $440 plus retaliation
All other fees related to admissions are subject to retaliation.

Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance
10th Floor, Analytical Section
500 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, TN 37243

We prefer company licensing fees to be paid online via the NAIC OPTins system.

Otherwise, make hardcopy checks payable to
Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance and include retaliatory information if applicable.


See Filing Fee requirements at:

Company Licensing and Registration, MC:FRD
Texas Department of Insurance
1601 Congress Ave, Ste. 6.900
Austin, TX 78701

Make all fees payable to
Texas Department of Insurance and mail payment.
Filings should be sent electronically via UCAA or


Primary App:
Certificate of Authority:
Initial license application: $1,000 (NO retaliatory fees)
E-commerce and Internet technology services fee: $75
Initial license application: $2,000
E-commerce and Internet technology services fee: $75
Expansion App: $1,000 filing fee if UCAA electronic filing or $1,025 filing fee if UCAA non-electronic filing.
$75 e-commerce fee must be added for either filing method.

Utah Insurance Department
Company Licensing Division
4315 South 2700 West, Suite 2300
Taylorsville, UT 84129

Check is made payable to the Utah Insurance Department.


Application Fee:
Domestic Insurer, Reinsurer, Fraternal Organizations and Premium Finance Companies: $0
Life Settlement Companies: $50
Alien, Foreign, Reciprocal, HMOs: $200
Continuing Care Retirement Communities: $1500
All fees are subject to retaliation.

Vermont DFR
Company Licensing Section
89 Main Street
Montpelier, VT 05620

Include retaliatory fees
(802) 828-2470

Nonrefundable filing fee $500
(§ 38.2-1024)

Payable to: Treasurer of Virginia
Virginia State Corporation Commission
Bureau of Insurance
Company Licensing & Regulatory Compliance
P.O. Box 1157
Richmond, VA 23218

Mail a check for the application fee along with a cover letter to the Bureau of Insurance. The application will not become eligible for review until the Bureau receives and has processed the check.    

WA Primary Applications - $400 or retaliatory, whichever is greater.
Expansion Applications - $275 or retaliatory, whichever is greater.

US Mail:
Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner
PO Box 40255
Olympia, WA  98504-0255

Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner
5000 Capitol Blvd. SE
Tumwater, WA  98501

Please file expansion applications electronically via UCAA and mail the application fee payment with a cover letter at the time of filing. Mail primary applications in hard copy along with the application fee payment.

WV Larger of $100 or retaliatory amount

WV Offices of the Insurance Commissioner
Financial Conditions Division
P.O. Box 50540
Charleston, WV 25305-0540

If the application is filed in hard-copy, then the filing fee must accompany it. If the application is filed electronically, then the filing fee must be sent to our Payee address along with an explanatory cover letter.

Application Fee: Larger of $400 or retaliatory amount.

Certificate of Authority: Larger of $400 or retaliatory amount

US Mail:
  Office of Commissioner of Insurance
  P.O. Box 7873
  Madison WI 53707-7873

    Office of Commissioner of Insurance
    125 S Webster St
    Madison WI 53703-3474

Mail check with application. 

Larger of $750 or retaliatory amount

Upon approval of the application, an assessment for the Department’s budget will need to be paid before a Certificate of Authority is issued. The assessment amount varies depending on the amount of the Department’s budget.

Wyoming DOI
106 East 6th Avenue
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Make checks payable to:
Wyoming State Treasurer