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Reinsurance  Back to Basics

March 2, 2023

CIPR and The Institutes Griffith Foundation Present Reinsurance - Back to Basics

CIPR is pleased to partner with The Institutes Griffith Insurance Education Foundation for the next installment of our Back to Basics series which will focus on reinsurance. This non-partisan and non-advocative webinar aims to provide foundational knowledge to help inform important policy conversations. Reinsurance is a crucial tool to help insurers manage their risk profiles and create stability in insurance markets. In this session, we'll cover the foundations of reinsurance, its usage, and factors impacting the reinsurance market such as natural catastrophes.


Jim Hilliard, Fox School of Business at Temple University

Dennis Burke, Reinsurance Association of America

Scott White, Commissioner of the Virginia Bureau of Insurance


Moderated by:

Frank Paul Tomasello, The Institutes Griffith Insurance Education Foundation and Eryn Campbell, CIPR

Click here for a recording of this event.

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