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CIPR Fall National Meeting Event

Nov. 20, 2023

Cyber Risk and Assessment – An Insurance Industry and Market Perspective

To underwrite risks, insurers collect a multitude of policyholder personally identifiable information (PII).  As this PII has been entrusted to insurers by the insured, it is their responsibility to keep this PII safe and secure.  Thus, in a digital world with dynamic cyber-related threats, insurance company cybersecurity hygiene is a critical regulatory issue.  We will provide a broad assessment of industry cybersecurity loss events over the past decade and discuss ongoing NAIC initiatives as well as general cybersecurity best practices aimed at curbing the frequency and impact of such loss events.  Moreover, having appropriate cyber insurance in place is one tool that insurance companies can employ for their own cybersecurity risk management. Suitable modeling of cyber risk underpins the development of a robust cyber insurance marketplace for not only insurers but commercial entities at large.  We will also discuss the cyber risk modeling landscape, how these tools are being employed from an underwriting perspective, and where this modeling field is headed to allow for further cyber insurance marketplace advancement.     

Panel Speakers:

Cynthia Amann, Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance

Jim Blinn, Zywave

Rebecca Bole, CyberCube

Moderated by:

Jeff Czajkowski, Director, Center for Insurance Policy and Research

Shaveta Gupta, Catastrophe Modeling Center of Excellence



CIPR's special session is open to all registered NAIC 2023 Fall National Meeting participants. 

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