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CIPR Autonomous Vehicles Webinar
CIPR Autonomous Vehicle Webinar

Like many industries, the auto sector is facing significant change as the autonomous vehicle (AV) revolution likely brings a fundamental shift from personal ownership to shared mobility. This dramatic reshaping of the auto industry is bound to have far-reaching effects on other sectors as well including insurance, urban planning and infrastructure, and supply chain management.  However, while the future of transportation may be driverless, significant concerns and questions remain. GM recently announced it was delaying implementation of AV ride-sharing.  Industry experts are less optimistic on the timetable for AV adoption.  Moreover, Waymo has removed much safety information from public view and will only report incidents and data required by government authorities – a significant step back in the realm of data sharing.

There is currently no federal legislative framework for AVs in the US. Several states have begun developing legislation for licensing, testing and insurance requirements. However, over half still have not. The move towards full autonomy will require lawmakers and regulators to catch up with innovation. This CIPR webinar on December 18th will address recent technological advancements and federal regulatory actions with driverless technologies, what the path to widespread adoption looks like, and ways a revolution in transportation may change the risk and insurance landscape.

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