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CIPR Resiliency Map - Georgia



Disaster risk management life cycle Disaster Risk Management

  •  Disaster & Incident Response Framework (2013).  A report from the Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs that outlines a framework for disaster response.
  •  Severe Weather Response Guide (2013).  A document from the Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs that outlines how GA fire departments responded to severe weather and their severe weather response plan.





Flood waters rising  Flood









Eye of the hurricane Hurricanes

  •  Safety Tips - Hurricanes.  Consumer information about preparing for a hurricane.
  •  Hurricane Season begins June 1st.  Press release from Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John F. King to consumers addressing the importance of preparing for hurricane season.
  •  Hurricane Preparedness Expo (2019).  The Expo, held June 1, 2019, was a free educational event for consumers.  Exhibitors were available to assist participants in preparing for hurricane season.

Other Resources

These external agencies are mentioned on the Georgia Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner's website and provide further information on catastrophe planning and preparedness.