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CIPR Resiliency Map - North Carolina

North Carolina


Disaster risk management life cycle Disaster Risk Management 

  • In a Disaster.  Homepage of the NC DOI's disaster resources (including some of the following documents below).
  • Before the Storm.  Information on how to prepare for a disaster, including taking a home inventory and reviewing insurance policies.
  • During the Storm.  Defines actions to take when a hurricane,flood, earthquake, wildfire, or tornado strikes.
  • After the Storm. Actions to take immediately following a storm.
  • Additional Disaster Resources: List of other national and state organizations that can assist consumers with disaster recovery and preparedness.
  • Consumer Guide: What to do in the event of a disaster. Publication from the NC DOI about what to do before and after a disaster.
  • Disaster Mediation.  Consumers who have had their homeowner's claim(s) partially or completely denied following a disaster can request a mediation conference with an independent mediation to help facilitate discussions between the insurance company and policyholder. 
  • Home Inventory Checklist.  Information on creating an inventory of possessions using phone apps or a more traditional paper list.
  • Protecting Yourself from Scams. Advice for consumers working with contractors after a disaster.


  earthquake rubbleEarthquake   

  •    Earthquakes (During the Storm).  Actions to take during an earthquake.                                                                








Flood waters rising Flood








Eye of the hurricane Hurricane and Wind





Wildfire  Wildfire






tornado Tornado

Tornadoes (During the Storm).  Actions to take when a tornado hit is imminent.