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Continuing Education Reciprocity (CER)

Continuing Education Reciprocity (CER)


The NAIC Continuing Education Reciprocity (CER) Agreement was originally adopted by the NAIC in 2004. Its purpose was to support reciprocal approval of CE courses in multiple jurisdictions. Through the reciprocal approval process a CE provider’s home state conducts a substantive review of a CE course, which eliminates the need for a non-resident state to perform a similar course review.

In 2019 The NAIC Uniform Education (D) Working Group reviewed the agreement and revised the 2004 version to create a 2019 CER Agreement. This agreement was updated to set forth five steps for a home state’s substantive review of CE courses and incorporates key appendices acknowledging current marketplace practices which include the electronic submission of CE courses for regulatory approval and the delivery of CE courses through online platforms.

Because of the ongoing importance of encouraging producer licensing uniformity and reciprocity, including the approval of CE courses, the 2019 CER Agreement was circulated to all states/jurisdictions fin order to obtain a signed copy of the reciprocity agreement.

As of October 1, 2021 there have been 44 state/jurisdictions whom have signed and submitted the NAIC 2019 CER Agreement.


States Signed 2019 NAIC CER Agreement  & Are Actively Accepting CE Credits from Other Member States 

Alabama District of Columbia Louisiana Montana Ohio Tennessee Wisconsin
Alaska Georgia Massachusetts Nebraska Oklahoma Texas Wyoming
Arkansas Iowa Maine New Hampshire Oregon Utah  
California Idaho Maryland New Mexico Pennsylvania Virginia  
Colorado Illinois Michigan Nevada Rhode Island Vermont  
Connecticut Kansas Minnesota New York South Carolina Washington  
Delaware Kentucky Missouri North Dakota South Dakota West Virginia  


States Not Participating

Arizona Hawaii North Carolina Puerto Rico
Florida Indiana New Jersey Virgin Island
Guam Mississippi Northern Mariana Island  

To be considered actively participating in the NAIC Continuing Education Reciprocity - (CER) - a State's Commissioner has signed the NAIC 2019 Continuing Education Reciprocity Agreement. In addition, the state may have to make changes in policies or forms in order to comply with the signed Agreement, and they must have informed their providers of the start date for reciprocity filings.


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