Government Relations Contacts
Government Relations Contacts

NAIC Executive Office
Government Relations
444 North Capitol Street NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20001-1509

Media Queries should be directed to the NAIC Communications Division at 816-783-8909 or

Ethan Sonnichsen

Managing Director, Government Relations

Mark Sagat

Assistant Director, Financial Policy and Legislation

Brian Webb

Assistant Director, Life & Health Policy and Legislation

Chara Bradstreet

Chief of State Relations and Policy Advisor

Jennifer Cook

Senior Health & Life Policy Counsel

Elisa De Martino

Administrative Coordinator

Heather Eilers-Bowser

Financial Policy and Legislative Counsel

Alexis Hyman

Administrative Assistant II, Health Policy

Julianne Jensby

Administrative Assistant to the CEO

Laura Kane

Communications Director

Linda Kidd

Administrative Assistant III, Financial Policy and Legislation

Mary Laboy

Office Manager

Jolie Matthews

Senior Health & Life Policy Counsel

Ekrem Sarper

Lead Manager, Bilateral Affairs

Brooke Stringer

Senior Financial Policy and Legislative Advisor

Rashmi Sutton

International Relations Counsel

Gita Timmerman

Senior International Relations Policy Counsel

David Torian

Health Policy Analyst & Counsel

Joe Touschner

Senior Health Policy Advisor

Ryan Workman

Lead Manager, IAIS Policy and Coordination

Erin Yang

Media Relations: Government Relations Communications Strategist