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Legal Division

The Legal Division provides quality, comprehensive legal assistance to NAIC members. The Legal Division represents the interests of the NAIC, protects the organization from liability and safeguards its assets. The Division is an integral partner with members and NAIC internal clients in support of NAIC regulatory initiatives, special projects, and corporate business development. The Division also assists with determining states' compliance with laws and regulations needed for NAIC accreditation.

Legal Education and Training Seminars

The Legal Division provides Continuing Legal Education (CLE) opportunities, educational seminars, and professional presentations to NAIC members, state insurance department staff, international regulators, and industry representatives.

Core Legal
This course is designed to acquaint attorneys new to state regulation with the various laws that govern the insurance industry. The course begins with a historical presentation of milestones and court cases that have shaped our current understanding of insurance and the business of insurance. Attorneys who want a broader understanding of their role within the state regulatory framework should not miss the opportunity to participate in this course. This course is designed primarily for attorneys with less than five years of experience in insurance regulation. However, veteran attorneys may also benefit from information provided within this course by NAIC legal staff.

Legal Support Duties

Business Activities

  • Contract Review
  • Copyright permissions
  • Employment/Employee Benefits matters
  • Litigation support, subpoena responses, requests for affidavits
  • Intellectual Property matters
  • Support for NAIC Business Initiatives
    • SERFF
    • SBS
    • All Strategic Initiatives
  • Document security and retention


Regulatory Activities

  • Provide legal support to NAIC Committees and other groups
  • Information sharing and confidentiality
  • Class Action Settlements and Summaries
  • Amicus Brief Guidelines¬†
  • Amicus Curiae (friend-of-the-court) Briefs
  • Publications
    • NAIC Model Laws, Regulations,
      Guidelines and Other Resources
    • Retaliation Tax Guide
    • Journal of Insurance Regulation,
      Abstracts of Significant Cases Bearing
      on the Regulation of Insurance
  • Accreditation Reviews
  • Federal Legislation analysis and support
  • CLE/Education and Training
Legal Contacts

Kay Noonan
General Counsel

Dan Schelp
Chief Counsel Regulatory Affairs

Kara Binderup
Senior Counsel

Beth Hargarten
Senior Counsel

Casey McGraw
Senior Counsel

Olivea Myers
Legal Counsel

Jennifer Neuerburg
Legal Counsel

Holly Weatherford
Sr. Legislative Affairs Counsel

Cindy Catron
Sr. Legal Division Coordinator

Patricia Cook
Senior Paralegal

KaTreasa Wilson

Annegret Fuendling
Legal Administrative Assistant - Publications

Legal Publications

Regulators can download the legal publications in PDF from I-Site.

NAIC Model Laws, Regulations, Guidelines, and Other Resources

This comprehensive six-volume set provides quick access to every NAIC model law, regulation, and guideline currently published. Included with every model is a state action page that cites each state's enacted model or similar legislation. Many models also include a legislative history (Proceedings Citations) that explains why the model was adopted and why certain provisions were included. In 2019 the subscription added Compendium of State Laws that pertain to one or more NAIC Model Laws and will be made available online through the NAIC's Account Manager with the purchase of a Model Laws product. The Table of Contents for the Model Laws products will include an index of the compatible charts for cross referencing (Related Charts: State Laws on Insurance Topics) and the charts themselves will be available via a link in the NAIC's Account Manager system. Published three times annually following the NAIC's Spring, Summer, and Fall National Meetings.

New in 2020 - the Model Laws will no longer be offered electronically on USB (the MDL-ZR product). Instead, the publication will be offered as a PDF via an online subscription service (OSS). This new subscription service provides access to the published version of the 6-volume set, as well as two updates during the current year. Updates to the publication will be uploaded to the OSS platform as they become available following each national meeting. Subscriptions are specific to an individual user and access to the platform requires a redemption code, which will be provided via email following verification of the purchase.

NAIC Model Bulletins

These documents are generally used by insurance departments to notify companies and/or producers on how the department intends to interpret an issue. Bulletins do not generally carry the force of law, though they may be used to notify interested parties of adoptions or changes to existing law. The bulletins are developed through discussions at NAIC committees and task forces, with input from interested parties.


White Papers

White papers serve as a vehicle to describe NAIC policy discussions and recommendations on a number of insurance issues. The papers are developed through discussion at NAIC committees and task forces, with input from interested parties.

/prod_serv_financial_home.htm and click on "White Papers".

Retaliation Tax Guide

The Retaliation Guide Volume I contains a summary of state laws on tax rates, assessments, credits, and other aspects of insurance company taxation, as well as other subjects of retaliation such as insurer and producer fees and deposits. Included are a number of charts summarizing rates and other aspects of premium tax regulation, relevant case law, and contacts for each state. This publication is updated each fall.

The Retaliation Tax Guide Volume II contains information on state tax forms, including the website, instructions, and contacts for each state. This publication is updated yearly.