How to Join Chorus Calls and Webex Meetings | NAIC
How to Join a Webex Meeting
  1. Click on the "Webex Link" on the Committee call in order to join the meeting.
  2. Participate via WebEx by clicking JOIN link.
  3. For audio choose “Call Me”, enter your 10-digit phone number, click connect audio –This is always the best option. However, you can always use your computer's audio or call into the meeting yourself.
    1. Image of Webex Call information
  4. Click on the Unmute button at the bottom of your screen, it will be red when you are muted and green when you are un-muted.
  5. If you are having trouble hearing the call, double-check that your audio is functional. If necessary, try a different source of audio, such as your phone or your computer's audio

Control bar featured in Webex meetings

How to Join a Conference Call

CHORUS CALL REGISTRATION - Interested Parties (IP's) must register for an IP code to participate in calls.

Toll-free: 800-967-4633
Direct: 412-373-6964

Diamond Pass Calls
Regulators & Credentialed Media: 877-270-2148
Interested Parties: 412-902-6510
Use link in calendar listing to register for Diamond Pass Calls

Operator-Assisted Calls
Regulators & Credentialed Media: 866-332-4905
Interested Parties: 412-317-6715

Meet-Me Calls
Regulators & Credentialed Media: 800-882-3610
Interested Parties: 412-380-2000

See NAIC's Revised Policy Statement on Open Meetings