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Catastrophe Modeling Center of Excellence

Providing regulators with technical expertise, tools, and information to effectively regulate their markets.

The Catastrophe Modeling Center of Excellence (COE) is within the Center for Insurance Policy and Research (CIPR), maintaining a neutral perspective to build insights from data in a non-partisan manner. The COE provides regulators with technical training and expertise regarding catastrophe models and information regarding their use within the insurance industry. The COE also conducts research utilizing outputs from catastrophe models to assess the risk of loss from natural hazards. Risk assessment is a foundational tool to identify potential economic and insurance market disruption which can be applied to support policy and legislative action to reduce the risk. 

Vendor Models

Facilitate Insurance department access to CAT model documentation, centralizing accumulated knowledge and expertise to aid in the distillation of technical information​.

Education and Tools

Develop technical education and training materials on the mechanics of commercial models and the treatment of perils and risk exposures that is tailored to the needs of regulators​. 

Applied Research

Conduct applied research analysis using various model platforms to proactively answer regulatory questions concerning resilience priorities​. 

Search Center of Excellence

Regulators interested in obtaining access to regulator-only catastrophe model training and documentation, please send an email to Amy Lopez at 


Jeff Czajkowski
Director, Center for Insurance Policy and Research

Shaveta Gupta
Catastrophe Risk and Modeling Advisor

Brian Powell
Catastrophe Risk Resilience Specialist

Elisabetta Russo
Enterprise Risk Management Advisor