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Account Manager - EBill
Payments & Invoices

The eBill Payment segment of this system will allow the contact to review, manage and access all account information pertaining to a "Customer" or "Customers" associated to them. Information supplied within these panels are Billing and Account related data.

Invoices: Review all current and previous invoices for related purchases with Business areas from the NAIC. Access to all current and past account invoices can be obtained by a click of the mouse to set associated date ranges for searches. Select Invoices from a list with balances to complete "add to payment cart" and completion of payments for outstanding or new invoices. See recent balances and items that remain open with Pre-Payments or On-Account adjustments.

Account Balance: View your Account Summary balances, overdue balances, most recent activity on your account and most recent payments. Account aging information is also available on this panel. Drill through to specific bills listed on this screen along with payments made. This is an Interactive panel to allow customers to review the most recent transactions on the account.

Balance Detail: The Balance detail screen will show all "Open" invoices that either require a payment or have a pre-payment associated. To review the bills in detail, drill down on the Item Id (invoice id) and review the invoice online. On this screen you can select items and add them to the payment cart for payment during your online visit.

Payment History: Payment history will show all current and previous payments on the specific accounts being handled under the Customer associated to the login. To view information for other companies utilize the "Customer" hyperlink to change represented company. Payment history will contain all information regarding a payment and whether or not it has been applied against the invoice. Drilling down on the payment id will provide specific information regarding the payment and invoices associated. An easy modification to the search will pull back any data range of activity or you can search for a specific payment.

Payment Cart: Will provide information regarding any payments selected for payment during the active online session. Items left in the payment cart when exiting the system will be removed.

Statements: Statements are a statement of your account as of a specific date. These statements can be viewed online and utilized to pay the full range of invoices. These items are printable and can be saved to a desktop and emailed when and if necessary.

My Preferences: Select the default Bill to Customer that should appear upon entry into the system (if you have more than one active account on your profile). Set the default payment method (Credit Card is the only option at this time). Set specific information selections for data returns in your online account.

Customer: The Customer Panel will allow you to switch between "represented" Companies tied to your contact information. If you handle more than one company profile utilize this screen to change company selection to review invoices, payments, etc.

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