Account Manager - Order Management
Order Management

Publication order tracking email* notification will be sent to you each time a publication ships from your NAIC order. The email will contain the status of all items on your order, tracking number for any new items that have shipped and a link to the shipping provider's web site so you can receive more information concerning the delivery of your package.

* Not necessary for you to sign up for the NAIC Account Manager to receive the order tracking notifications.

Track Order: Track order status online utilizing information delivered via the Inventory Email Notification or other information provided by the Products & Services Department. Information provided in this screen will include Shipment data, Billing data and order status.

Release Renewals: Release renewals associated to a specific company(s) for Subscription products for NAIC Publications. Review, release and select payment options (Bill Me Later / Credit Card).

NAIC Order Tracking : The NAIC Order Tracking screen will allow customers to review Hard Copy orders and fulfillment status of the orders.

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