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National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR)

Last Updated 10/18/2023

Overview: The National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) was established in October 1996 as an independent non-profit affiliate of the NAIC. The NIPR is a unique public-private partnership that supports the work of the states and the NAIC in making the producer-licensing process more cost-effective, streamlined and uniform for the benefit of regulators, the insurance industry and the consumers they protect and serve. NIPR developed and implemented the national repository for producer license information (PDB) and established a network to facilitate the electronic exchange of producer information (NIPR Gateway). NIPR is governed by a 13 member board of directors, including six members representing NAIC member states, six members representing industry trade associations (three of which are producer trade associations) and NAIC's CEO or COO.

Producer Database (PDB) 
The PDB is an electronic database consisting of information relating to insurance agents and brokers (producers). The PDB links state regulatory licensing systems into one common system establishing a repository of producer licensing information. The PDB also includes data from the Regulatory Information Retrieval System (RIRS) of the NAIC to provide a more comprehensive producer profile. 

The following information is maintained in the database and is updated daily by participating state insurance departments: (1) general demographic information relating to all producers, such as name and addresses(es); (2) license information, such as state of license, license numbers, authorized lines and license status; (3) appointment information such as company appointments, effective date, termination date and termination reason; and (4) regulatory actions (if taken). 

Currently, the PDB provides information from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico. Through the PDB, access is available to all public information related to a producer provided by the participating state insurance departments. All licensing and appointment information is on one report, whether licensed in one state or all states. The product is designed to assist insurers in exercising due diligence in the monitoring of agents and brokers to reduce the incidence of fraud. More than 5 million entities can be found on the PDB. The key benefits of the Producer Database (PDB) include: increased productivity, less cost; reduction or elimination of paper; real time information; national verification of license and status; web based access; and single source of data vs. multiple web sites.

NIPR Gateway
The NIPR Gateway is an electronic communication network that links state insurance regulators with the entities they regulate. The goal is to simplify communications and to distribute information electronically, including licensing applications, appointments and terminations. The NIPR Gateway was designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the state licensing process among all parties through automation, standardization and reciprocity. 

To date, data standards have been developed for the exchange of company appointments, not-for-cause terminations, and licensing applications. All data flowing through the NIPR Gateway will conform to these standards. The key benefits of the NIPR Gateway include: reduction in paperwork and data entry; development of national standards regarding electronic transmission of licensing data; and faster turnaround time, including real time in certain states.