Financial Regulatory Services (FRS)

The Financial Regulatory Services Division provides technical expertise in areas of financial regulation, solvency regulation, financial reporting, statutory accounting, capital adequacy (risk-based capital), accounting, examinations, reinsurance, investments and international insurance issues to regulators.  To this end, it provides primary staff support for the Financial Condition (E) Committee and its respective task forces, working groups, technical groups, and subgroups.

Financial Regulatory Services Division Publications

To order these publications, please visit the NAIC Products & Services website.

Accounting Practices and Procedures Manual (available on CD)

Annual Statement Blanks –
-Property and Casualty
-Separate Accounts
-Protected Cell

Accreditation Manual*

Annual Statement Instructions
-Property and Casualty

Company Licensing Best Practices

Financial Condition Examiners Handbook (available on CD)

Financial Analysis Handbook

Framework for Insurance Holding
Company Analysis

Guide to Compliance with State Audit Requirements (available on CD)

Insurance Regulatory Information System (IRIS) Ratio Results and Use

Quarterly Listing of Alien Insurers

RBC – Health, Life, P&C, Fraternal

Receivers Handbook for Insurance Company Insolvency

States Prescribed Differences from NAIC Statutory Accounting Principles

Troubled Insurance Companies Handbook

Uniform Certificate of Authority Application Handbook (UCAA)

*To obtain a copy of this manual call Sara Franson (816) 783-8425.