Health Policy
Health Policy

The Health Policy and Legislation team is the point of contact on all federal legislative and regulatory activities impacting health insurance and on all health insurance model laws and regulations.

Federal Legislation

The Health Policy and Legislation team prepares and circulates legislative summaries and reports to keep members briefed on key health issue developments at the federal level. The team also advises the state departments on potential impacts federal actions my have on state regulation and makes recommendations and implements legislative and regulatory strategies to preserve state regulation and consumer protections.

State Model Laws and Regulations

The Health Policy and Legislation team develops model laws and regulations and assist states in conforming to federal laws and regulations.


The Health Policy and Legislation team works closely with key federal regulatory bodies to ensure coordination on regulatory matters and facilitate effective communication among federal and state regulators.

State Government Relations

The Health Policy and Legislation team coordinates NAIC interactions with state legislative associations, including the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL), and National Governors’ Association (NGA), as well as with consumer, industry and provider associations.

Health Policy Contacts

Brian Webb
Assistant Director, Health Policy and Legislation

Jolie Matthews
Senior Health & Life Counsel

Jennifer Cook
Senior Health & Life Counsel

Joe Touschner
Senior Health Policy Advisor

David Torian
Counsel & Health Policy Analyst