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Consumer Participation

Consumer Participation at NAIC

The NAIC works closely with consumer representatives to assist state regulators in their primary objective of protecting insurance consumers. Listed below are three ways consumers or consumer organizations can participate directly in NAIC national meetings and other deliberations. Individuals who are selected from the applications will be notified in early 2022.

*The NAIC defines a consumer organization as a national, state, or local organization that serves to protect the interests of consumers as they relate to the regulation of insurance. Their participation at NAIC meetings should represent a consumer perspective and should be based on their desire to collect and/or impart information of mutual concern and interest to insurance consumers and regulators. One measure of whether an organization represents a consumer perspective is its source of funding. By definition, an organization that receives significant funding from the insurance industry is not a consumer organization.

2021 Consumer Representatives' Contact Lists (With Areas of Interest and Expertise) for Public Use


Plan of Operations

Tracking of NAIC Consumer Representatives' Requests

NAIC Committee Structure
NAIC National Meeting Schedule

1.) Request a Waiver of the Registration Fee

Registration to a conference entitles one to participate in all NAIC open meetings during that conference.

Individuals from non-profit consumer organizations may request that the registration fee to attend an NAIC conference be waived.

Anyone wishing to apply for waiver of a registration fee should write a letter on their organization's letterhead and send it to the NAIC Meetings Department at least 1 month prior to the meeting.



2.) Apply to be a Funded Representative

Individuals from consumer organizations may apply to become a NAIC funded consumer representative by submitting the application below by 5:00 pm CT on Oct. 31.

Appointees are expected to attend all three NAIC national meetings and to fully participate in NAIC deliberations.

In return, the NAIC reimburses funded consumer representatives for airfare, lodging, and meal expenses associated with participation in and traveling to NAIC meetings in accordance with the NAIC Consumer Representative Expense Guidelines below.

2022 Funded Consumer Letter

2022 Funded Consumer Criteria

2022 Application for First-Time Funded Consumer Representative

2022 Re-certification Form for Second Year of Two-Year Term of Funded or Unfunded Consumer Representative

Please note that every applicant must submit a Conflict of Interest form and an application or recertification form along with all required attachments.


Application/Recertification Form Instructions:

Please note that every applicant must submit an application or recertification form with its built-in Conflict of Interest form along with all required attachments.

Application forms for 2021 consumer representatives are now available for download and completion. Please save the Word doc to your device, complete and save it to your device; then, PDF it and email the PDF with all required attachments to

The application period is August 31, 2021 until 5:00 pm Central time October 31, 2021.

All existing funded and unfunded 2021 consumer representatives must reapply for 2022. A fully-completed application (or recertification form) that includes a completed 2021 conflict of interest statement and all required attachments must be submitted via email to

To determine whether to use a First Year Application or the Recertification form, please see the Table for Public Use above.

  • If the term listed is 2020 and 2021, please use the applicable First-Time Application with its   Conflict of Interest Statement.
  • If the term listed is 2021 and 2022, please use the Recertification form with its Conflict of Interest Statement.

Application For First-Time Funded Consumer Representative

Application For First-Time Unfunded Consumer Representative

Recertification Form For Second Year of Two-Year Term of Funded or Unfunded Consumer Representative

Late applications – those submitted after the deadline - will not be considered by the board.

Only applications and recertification forms with conflict of interest statements included and submitted via email will be accepted. Paper applications, recertification forms, and conflict of interest statements will not be accepted.

3.) Apply to be an Unfunded Representative

A third way to participate in NAIC meetings is available to individuals from consumer organizations that do not want or need to request reimbursement for travel expenses in order to participate.

Such individuals may apply to become an unfunded consumer representative by submitting the application below by 5:00 pm CT on Oct. 31.

2022 Unfunded Consumer Letter

2022 Unfunded Consumer Criteria

2022 Application for First-Time Unfunded Consumer Representative