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Reinsurance Data

With the increasing complexity of risk management and the focus on underwriting profits, Schedule F for Property/Casualty and Schedule S for Life/Accident/Health/Fraternal provide reinsurance data to help you make more informed business decisions.

Reinsurance Data-Property/Casualty


  • Ceded Reinsurance
  • Aging of Ceded Reinsurance
  • Provision for Unauthorized Reinsurance
  • Provision for Overdue Authorized Reinsurance
  • Provision for Overdue Reinsurance
  • Restatement of Balance Sheet to Identify Net Credit for Ceded Reinsurance

Reinsurance Data-Life/Accident/Health


  • Names/Locations & Amounts Recoverable on Paid and Unpaid Losses for Reinsurance Ceded
  • Accident & Health Reinsurance Ceded
  • Reinsurance Ceded for Life Insurance, Annuities & Related Benefits
  • Life, Annuity, Accident & Health Reinsurance in Unauthorized Companies
  • Reinsurance Assumed for Life Insurance, Annuities & Related
  • Reinsurance Assumed for Accident & Health
  • Restatement of Balance Sheet to Identify Net Credit for Ceded Insurance
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