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Chlora Lindley-Myers


NAIC Most Recent Past President

Midwest Zone

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Chlora Lindley-Myers was appointed director of the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance. She was confirmed by the Missouri Senate on April 13, 2017. She leads the department that protects consumers and ensures a strong and stable insurance market through the regulation of professionals and businesses that impact Missourians' lives daily.

She has served in several senior positions in the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government. She has also served in leadership roles in the regulatory and insurance industries, as well as within the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). In addition to Missouri, she has worked for both the Kentucky Department of Insurance and the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, and for the NAIC.

She holds an undergraduate degree from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts and a law degree from the University of Connecticut. Chlora is licensed to practice law in various states, including Missouri. She has received national recognition for her work. As the Deputy Commissioner of Tennessee’s Department of Commerce and Insurance, she was awarded the Robert Dineen Award for Outstanding Service and Contribution to the State Regulation of Insurance. In August of 2020, she received the Al Greer Award for her exceptional dedication, knowledge and support of the field of insurance regulation by the Insurance Examiners Regulatory Society (IRES).

Director Lindley-Myers was the 2023 President of the NAIC. She continues to serve on the Executive (EX) Committee and the Government Relations Leadership Council. Chlora currently also serves in additional leadership roles with the NAIC: Chair of the Reinsurance (E) Task Force, Co- Chair of the Special (EX) Committee on Race and Insurance, and Vice Chair of the Internal Administration (EX1) Subcommittee, as well as serving as a member of many additional NAIC committees.

Office Information

Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance
P.O. Box 690
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0690
United States

Primary Phone Number:

Primary Fax Number:

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  • Missouri

    Deputy Director

  • Missouri

    John Rehagen
    Director, Insurance Company Regulation

    (573) 526-4877

  • Missouri

    Jo LeDuc
    Director, Insurance Market Regulation

    (573) 751-2430

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    Grady Martin
    Director, Administration

    (573) 751-7223

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    Lori Croy
    Director, Communications

    (573) 751-2562

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    Luke Reed
    Director, Legislative Affairs

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    General Counsel

  • Missouri

    Budget Officer

    (573) 526-2938

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    Agent/Producer Licensing

    Brenda Horstman
    Manager, Regulatory Services

    (573) 751-3518

  • Missouri

    Annual Statement

    Debbie Doggett
    Chief Financial Analyst

    (573) 526-2944

  • Missouri

    Captive Insurance

    Sam Komo
    Manager, Captive Program

    (573) 522-9932

  • Missouri

    Company Licensing and Fees

    Ashley Minor
    Admissions Specialist

    (573) 751-4362

  • Missouri


    Melissa Bailey
    Regulatory Auditor

    (573) 751-0794

  • Missouri

    Examinations - Agent Investigations

    Marjorie Thompson
    Chief Investigator

    (573) 751-1922

  • Missouri

    Examinations - Financial

    Shannon Schmoeger
    Chief Financial Examiner

    (573) 526-4877

  • Missouri

    Examinations - Market Conduct

    Teresa Kroll
    Chief Market Conduct Examiner

    (573) 526-1527

  • Missouri

    Information Systems

    Preston Feeler
    Information Management Officer

    (573) 751-7023

  • Missouri


    Cynthia Amann
    NAIC Executive Liaison & Marketplace Coordinator


  • Missouri

    Policy and Form Filing

    Camille Anderson-Weddle
    Manager, Insurance Product Filings

    (573) 751-7470

  • Missouri

    Premium Tax

    Noland Stuecken
    Senior Regulatory Auditor

    (573) 526-4986

  • Missouri

    Health, Life, and Disabilities Complaints

    Jeana Thomas
    Acting Director, Consumer Affairs

    (573) 751-2640

  • Missouri

    Property & Casualty Complaints

    Jeana Thomas
    Acting Director, Consumer Affairs

    (573) 751-2640

  • Missouri


    Shelley Forrest
    Manager, Receivership

    (573) 522-6115

  • Missouri

    Statistical Reporting

    Brad Gerling
    Manager, Business Analytics and Statistics Section

    (573) 751-3163

  • Missouri

    Surplus Lines

    Lindsay Tougaw
    Regulatory Compliance Manager

    (573) 526-1589

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