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North Carolina

Mike Causey


Southeast Zone

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North Carolina Insurance Commissioner and State Fire Marshal Mike Causey has been a small businessman, insurance agent, and insurance agency owner with 25 years in the insurance industry.

He's a native of Guilford County and still lives in the same house on the Causey family farm where he grew up.

Commissioner Causey learned the values of hard work growing up on the family farm. After going off to school and serving the U.S. Army, Mike worked as a field engineer in the construction industry and then began his career in the insurance industry where he learned virtually every facet of the insurance industry - working as an agency manager, as superintendent of agencies and owning his own agency.

Commissioner Causey enjoys serving the citizens of North Carolina as the NC Department of Insurance meets the insurance and safety needs of North Carolina families and businesses.

Office Information

North Carolina Department of Insurance
1201 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1201
United States

Primary Phone Number:

Primary Fax Number:

  • Department





  • North Carolina

    Mark Tyler
    Chief Operating Officer

    (919) 807-6007

  • North Carolina

    John Hoomani
    General Counsel

    (919) 807-6093

  • North Carolina

    Jackie Obusek
    Chief Deputy Commissioner

    (919) 807-6166

  • North Carolina

    Agent Services

    Angela Hatchell
    Deputy Commissioner

    (919) 807-6800

  • North Carolina

    Annual Statement Fees

    Tamla Dunson
    Corporate Records Administrator

    (919) 807-6164

  • North Carolina

    Antifraud Division

    Marty Sumner
    Senior Deputy Commissioner, Fraud Control Group

    (919) 807-6846

  • North Carolina


    Lori Gorman
    Deputy Commissioner

    (919) 807-6165

  • North Carolina

    Computer Systems and Telecommunications

    John Harrison
    Chief Information Officer

    (919) 807-6122

  • North Carolina

    Consumer Assistance

    Kathy Shortt
    Senior Deputy Commissioner, Consumer Assistance Group

    (919) 814-9874

  • North Carolina

    Consumer Assistance Programs

    Seniors' Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP),
    Consumer Services Division, Health Insurance Smart NC

    (855) 408-1212

  • North Carolina

    Consumer Assistance Programs

    Joyce Johnson
    Deputy Commissioner, Consumer Services

    (919) 814-9875

  • North Carolina

    Consumer Assistance Programs

    Melinda Munden
    Deputy Commissioner, SHIIP

    (919) 814-9942

  • North Carolina

    Continuing Care - Retirement Centers and Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Individuals

    Nancy Wise

    (919) 807-6178

  • North Carolina

    Controller's Office

    Jason Forlines

    (919) 807-6036

  • North Carolina


    Carl Martin
    Deputy Commissioner

    (919) 647-0009

  • North Carolina

    Financial Analysis and Company Licensing

    Jessica Price
    Chief Financial Analyst

    (919) 807-6169

  • North Carolina

    Financial Examinations

    Monique Smith
    Deputy Commissioner

    (919) 807-6605

  • North Carolina

    Fire and Rescue Commission

    Brian Wade
    Deputy Director, Training and Inspections

    (919) 647-0090

  • North Carolina


    John Harrison
    Chief Information Officer

    (919) 807-6122

  • North Carolina

    Life & Health Insurance

    Ted Hamby
    Deputy Commissioner

    (919) 807-6058

  • North Carolina

    Manufactured Building

    Deputy Director

  • North Carolina

    Market Regulation

    Teresa Knowles
    Deputy Commissioner

    (919) 807-6886

  • North Carolina


    Jerry Daniels
    Personnel Officer

    (919) 807-6049

  • North Carolina

    Prevention, Programs, and Grants

    Shannon Bullock
    Deputy Director

    (919) 647-0071

  • North Carolina

    Product Regulation

    Tracy Biehn
    Senior Deputy Commissioner, Product Regulation Group

    (919) 807-6889

  • North Carolina

    Property & Casualty Insurance

    Fred Fuller
    Deputy Commissioner

    (919) 807-6080

  • North Carolina

    Public Information

    Jason Tyson
    Director of Communications

    (919) 807-6017

  • North Carolina

    Regulatory Actions

    Susan Coble
    Chief Regulatory Specialist

    (919) 807-6156

  • North Carolina

    Risk Management

    Bryan Heckle
    Deputy Director

    (919) 661-5880

  • North Carolina

    Security Deposits

    Hasije Harris
    Collateral Securities Administrator

    (919) 807-6613

  • North Carolina

    State Fire Marshal

    Brian Taylor
    Chief State Fire Marshal, Assistant Commissioner

    (919) 647-0003

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