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Kevin Gaffney


Vice Chair, Northeast Zone

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Kevin Gaffney was appointed Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation (DFR) effective July 8, 2022.

Commissioner Gaffney serves as technical expert for the Vermont Insurance Division on a variety of insurance issues, assisting with the development of departmental positions expressed through regulations, bulletins, or filing requirements. He also assists with bill analysis and testimony during the legislative session. He has been a key participant in several legislative summer studies that the DFR conducted, including one on credit for personal insurance and one on workers’ compensation insurance. He also serves on Gov. Phil Scott’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Logger Safety Task Force.

Commissioner Gaffney was previously appointed Deputy Commissioner of Insurance by Gov. Scott in March 2019. Prior to that appointment, he worked as Director in the Rates & Forms section of the Vermont Insurance Division for more than 12 years. He has been responsible for rate and form analysis, as well as monitoring competition in the marketplace while leading the Rates & Forms Analysis team. Additionally, he has served as Director of the Producer & Individual Licensing section and as Director of Market Regulation.

Prior to working for Vermont, Commissioner Gaffney spent 23 years in various marketing, underwriting, and product management positions in Connecticut and Vermont. He began his insurance career in Connecticut as a multi-line (property/casualty [P/C] and life and health) insurance agent.

Commissioner Gaffney is a graduate of John Jay College (Manhattan, NY).

Office Information

Vermont Department of Financial Regulation
89 Main Street
Montpelier, VT 05620-3101
United States

Primary Phone Number:

Primary Fax Number:

  • Department





  • Vermont

    Karen Ducharme
    Insurance Examinations Director

    (802) 828-1959

  • Vermont


  • Vermont

    Sandy Bigglestone
    Deputy Commissioner of Captives

    (802) 828-4854

  • Vermont

    Mary Block
    Director of Insurance Regulation

    (802) 622-4146

  • Vermont

    Christine Brown
    Director of Captives

    (802) 863-3831

  • Vermont

    Sheila Grace
    General Counsel

    (802) 828-1425

  • Vermont

    Emily Kisicki
    Director of Policy

    (802) 828-2904

  • Vermont

    Cheryl Lancaster
    Executive Assistant to the Commissioner

    (802) 828-2380

  • Vermont

    Dan Petterson
    Director of Captive Financial Examinations

    (802) 828-3304

  • Vermont

    Agent and Broker Licensing, Examinations and Fees

    Calley Rock
    Assistant Director of Producer Licensing

    (802) 828-2370

  • Vermont

    Annual Statements

    Lisa Messier
    Insurance Examiner

    (802) 828-4844

  • Vermont

    Consumer Complaints and Inquires

    Brenda Clark
    Consumer Complaints Administrator

    (802) 828-4886

  • Vermont


    Mike Pieciak
    State Treasurer

    (802) 828-2301

  • Vermont

    Fees - Company Licensing

    Paige Coolbeth
    Insurance Examiner

    (802) 828-2470

  • Vermont

    Fees - Rate and Form Filing Fees (Life & Health and Property & Casualty)

    Jessica Sherpa
    Rates and Forms Analyst

    (802) 828-2908

  • Vermont

    Insurance Rates and Forms - Life & Health

    Anna VanFleet
    Director of Rates and Forms - Life & Health

    (802) 828-4843

  • Vermont

    Insurance Rates and Forms - Property & Casualty

    Rosemary Raszka
    Director of Rates and Forms - Property & Casualty

    (802) 828-1686

  • Vermont


    Emily Brown
    Deputy Commissioner of Insurance

    (802) 828-4871

  • Vermont

    Market Regulation

    Karla Nuissl
    Director of Market Regulation and Consumer Services

    (802) 828-2910

  • Vermont

    Media Relations/Public Information

    Victoria Hudson

    (802) 828-4872

  • Vermont

    NAIC Liaison

    Thomas Taylor
    Executive Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner of Insurance

    (802) 828-4842

  • Vermont

    Premium Tax

    Department of Taxes

    (802) 828-2551

  • Vermont


    Emily Brown
    Deputy Commissioner of Insurance

    (802) 828-4871

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