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The Risk of Pandemics to the Insurance Industry
Pandemic warning sign and masked doctor

March 27, 2015

Materials from presentation here:


CIPR Spring Event: The Risk of Pandemics to the Insurance Industry, March 27, 2015


Session 1: The Big Picture

John Auerbach, MBA, Associate Director for Policy Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Preparing for a Pandemic: Lessons from the Past, Plans for the Present and Future

Session 1 Audio 1

Session 1 Audio 2

Eric P. Justin, MD, MPH, MBA, VP, Chief Medical Officer Lockton Companies

Emerging Infectious Diseases and Risk

Session 1 Audio 3

Russell Fox, Continuity Manager–Region II, National Preparedness Division Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA Pandemic Accord Continuity Exercise Series

Session 1 Audio 4


Session 2: Assessing, Modeling, and Measuring the Risk

Mary D. Miller, MAAA, FCAS, President American Academy of Actuaries

Risks to Property/Casualty Insurers

Session 2 Audio 5

Cecil Bykerk, MAAA, FSA, FCA, RHU, President CD Bykerk Consulting

IAA - Ebola Presentation & Ebola Transition Model Tables

Session 2 Audio 5 (Cecil Bykerk, 21:54)

Session 2 Audio 6

Max J. Rudolph, FSA, CFA, CERA, MAAA, Rudolph Financial Consulting, LLC

Pandemics: Proactive Considerations

Session 2 Audio 6 (Max J. Rudolph, 11:43)

Jim Toole, FSA, CERA, MAAA, Managing Director FTI Consulting

Pandemic Modeling

Session 2 Audio 7

Session 3: Managing the Risk

John Cookson, FSA, MAA, Principal Milliman

Pandemics, Catastrophic Trends and Capital Issues

Session 3 Audio 8

David A. Rains, FSA, MAA, Managing Director, Healthcare & Life Specialty Practice Guy Carpenter

Pandemic Solutions

Session 3 Audio 9

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