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Government Relations (EX) Leadership Council

2024 Membership

The Government Relations (EX) Leadership Council coordinates the NAIC’s ongoing work with the federal government and state government officials on legislative and regulatory policy. The Leadership Council, in conjunction with the NAIC’s other standing committees, is responsible for quickly responding to federal legislative and regulatory developments that affect insurance regulation.


The mission of the Government Relations (EX) Leadership Council is to develop, coordinate and implement the NAIC’s legislative, regulatory and outreach initiatives. The Leadership Council will devise strategies for NAIC action and promote the participation of all NAIC members in the NAIC’s government relations initiatives.

2024 Adopted Charges

Ongoing Support of NAIC Programs, Products or Services

1.    The Government Relations (EX) Leadership Council will:

  1. Monitor, analyze, and respond to federal legislative and regulatory actions and other issues of importance to the NAIC membership.
  2. Work with other standing committees, task forces, and working groups to help develop and communicate the NAIC’s policy views to federal and state officials on pending legislation and regulatory issues by involvement of NAIC members through testimony, correspondence, and other approaches.
  3. Develop a strategy and program for directly engaging NAIC members with the U.S. Congress and federal agencies to advocate for NAIC objectives and the benefits and efficiencies of state-based insurance regulation.
  4. Secure broader participation from NAIC membership on all government affairs advocacy initiatives.
  5. Report to the Executive (EX) Committee on all activities and matters relating to the annual charges of the Leadership Council.

NAIC Support Staff: Ethan Sonnichsen/Brian R. Webb/Shana Oppenheim

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Ethan Sonnichsen
Managing Director, Government Affairs

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