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Education Designation - PIR
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The PIR signifies the Designee has mastered specialized skills in the areas of financial regulation, market conduct regulation, and/or product regulation.


Professional in Insurance Regulation


Yellow Dot  Are You Eligible?

Be currently employed by a State DOI.

Have obtained the APIR Designation through required coursework or by passing the APIR comprehensive exam.



Red Dot  What Do You Need To Qualify?

Satisfactorily complete five of the qualifying NAIC courses and achieve a passing score of 70% or better on the exam for each course.

Read more about an additional method to meet the requirements for the PIR Designation.



Blue Dot

  How Do You Enroll In The Program?

Interested individuals must enroll into the designation program prior to taking courses and exams. See HOW DO I section for more information.



Green Dot  How Do You Register For Courses?

Registration for all required PIR courses can be found on the NAIC Education & Training Department’s Course Schedule. Look for PIR in the CE Type column. See HOW DO I section for more information.



Yellow Dot  How Do You Apply?

Designation candidates must apply for their designation award upon meeting eligibility requirements and successfully completing all required coursework and associated exams. See HOW DO I section for more information.   


Red Dot  How Do You Renew?

To remain an active designee, 3 year reporting periods are in place for renewals. See HOW DO I section for more information.