Credit Card Help
Credit Card Help

The documents below provide instructions that may assist you when you encounter issues or error messages using NAIC or NIPR payment options to pay for licensing applications or online publications.

In additions, the browser maintenance instructions such as clearing your browser cache should be done routinely to minimize possible issues with viewing sites on the Internet or to clear error messages that may be pulled from your browser’s cache.

Choose the appropriate document based on the computer and browser you are using.  Unless otherwise stated, these articles were created using a Personal Computers (PC) but may be relevant to MAC computers.

After completing the instructions, if you are still experiencing issues, please contact the NAIC Help Desk at 816-783-8500 or by email to:


Solutions to Common Payment Issues

Using Kaspersky Safe-Money with credit card payments

Internet Explorer 8, 9, or 10 routine browser maintenance

Internet Explorer 7 routine browser maintenance

Chrome Browser maintenance

Firefox Browser maintenance

Safari Browser maintenance

Mac with Firefox


Downloads & Plug-Ins

NAIC FTP Secure Client Software

Acrobat Reader
The Adobe Acrobat Reader Plug- In is used to view the PDF standard format.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe Website

Zip Utilities
The following links can be used to download utilities to unzip files with a .ZIP extension.

Flash Plug-In
The Macromedia Flash Plug-In is used to view tutorials developed by the NAIC for online training purposes

Download the Flash Plug-In from Adobe's Website

Shockwave Plug-In
The Macromedia Shockwave Plug-In is used to view Executrain's Virtual Campus courses.

Download the Shockwave Plug-In from Adobe's Website

Real Player
Real Player is a multimedia player used to view video and sound.

Download Real Player from

Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player is a multimedia player used to view video and sound.

Download Windows Media Player from Microsoft's Website