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Market Regulation


Antifraud Resources Report
This report includes the results of a survey conducted by the NAIC's Antifraud Task Force on a broad range of antifraud-related areas. Results are as reported by the insurance departments and, where necessary, other state agencies. Copyright 2010.


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Antifraud Statistical Report Form
This form was developed to assist with the uniform collection of antifraud data from insurance
companies on a calendar year basis. Copyright 2006.


AAF-OP Antifraud Statistical Report Form Download Free

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Market Regulation Handbook
This publication combines information from the Market Conduct Examiners Handbook and the Market Analysis Handbook into one comprehensive source of reference material from the continuum of regulatory responses to potential market concerns. The goal with this publication is to help market regulators conduct uniform, standardized market analysis and market conduct examinations.


Market Regulation Handbook 
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Market Regulation Handbook – Examination Standards Summary
Designed to serve as a compilation of the market conduct examination standards found in chapters 16 – 28 of the Market Regulation Handbook. Arranged and organized by chapter and area of examination, regulated entities might find this summary useful in creating an outline for internal review templates. Please note: This summary does not represent all examination standards, methodologies and areas of review that could be utilized by an insurance department. Updated annually.

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Product Filing Review Handbook
An easy reference guide regarding the review of rate, rule and form filings to be used by insurance companies. Includes references to NAIC product filing tools and instructions. Its use will help insurance regulators provide speed-to-market for insurers, while continuing to maintain a high level of protection for consumers. Recommendations are aimed at adding uniformity and consistency to regulatory processes, while being responsive to state-specific needs.


PFR-HDB Product Filing Review Handbook Download Free



A Regulator's Introduction to the Insurance Industry
This publication provides insurance regulators and others with a basic introduction to the insurance industry and its regulation, written from a regulatory perspective. It explains key insurance concepts and products, outlines the industry's economic structure and reviews the important elements of the system of regulation. The goal is to help readers understand how the industry functions and how regulatory mechanisms and policies are designed and implemented to foster the industry's development and protect consumers. Copyright 2005.


RII-ZB A Regulator's Introduction to the Insurance Industry Download Free

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State Licensing Handbook 
Provides guidance and contains suggested best practices for state insurance departments in administering a producer-licensing program. Assists regulators in continued movement toward uniformity in licensing procedures among the states. Also includes information about other types of licensing programs; e.g., adjusters, bail bond agents, etc. This handbook is based on the Producer Licensing Model Act (MDL-218), the Uniform Resident Licensing Standards and other guidelines. Updated biennially.


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