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If you are looking for key annual and quarterly statement data, click on INSDATA for immediate access to PDF information filed with the NAIC for thousands of insurance companies. INSDATA makes it easy to find what you are looking for—just search by either the company name or the NAIC Company Code.

In addition to information available through INSDATA, the NAIC maintains one of the world's largest insurance regulatory databases, and it is available to you. We perform validation and tolerance checks on each annual statement filed with us, so you know that our data is the most precise available. Browse our catalog sections here to quickly find products in your area of interest, or contact us to find out more about standard data products or customizations.

Catalog Categories

InfoPro Products
Data from the world's largest insurance regulatory database—including 10 years of historical data—is available to you in all lines of business in both PC and SAS format. NAIC data is used by industry leaders to determine market share, conduct market research and monitor industry trends. This data may be purchased collectively or individually from the below categories. Or you can customize an order to fit your specific needs.

Reinsurance Data
With the increasing complexity of risk management, and the focus on underwriting profits, we've pulled reinsurance data from more than 4,100 companies to help you make more informed business decisions.

Schedules A, B and BA
Schedules A, B and BA provide information about Real Estate (A), Mortgage Loans (B) and Other Long-Term Invested Assets (BA) owned, acquired and disposed of.

Schedule D
With more than $1 trillion invested in corporate stocks, corporate bonds and municipal bonds, insurance companies are a driving force in the securities market. Available for life/accident/health, property/casualty, title, fraternal and health companies, Schedule D detail allows you to evaluate company investment activity and top performing securities, and to analyze yield.

Schedule P
Analysis of Losses and Loss Expenses includes the summaries and all parts, with 10 years of premiums earned, losses unpaid, and claims reported and outstanding. These losses are broken down for all lines of business.

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